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Your Driving Test Day

Your driving Test Day_ Board

What to do on each driving test day.

Please take time to read each of these drop down sections it will put you one step closer to passing both your Theory and Practical Driving Tests first time. It also tells you what to do and expect on your;
  • Driving Theory Test.
  • Practical Driving Test.

What you Need to Know

Information about the Theory Test

The theory test is made up of two parts.  You will need to pass both parts on the same day in order to pass the theory test.  The 2 elements are: Multiple choice questions and hazard perception.

Multiple Choice Questions.

You will be asked 50 questions on all matters of driving including first aid and looking after your vehicle, you have 40 minutes to complete this test. The pass mark is 43 correct answers for the multi choice questions.  At the end of the multi choice questions section of the theory test you can review your answers and change them, you will then be asked to press ‘end test’ this will take you directly to the hazard perception part of the test.  So, if there is some time left give yourself a short break before pressing ‘end test’, this will allow you to close your eyes and rest them a bit before moving on to the next section.

Hazard Perception Test.

The hazard perception part of the test is also delivered on a computer.  You will watch a series of 14 video clips which feature every day road scenes. In each clip there will be at least one developing hazard, one of the clips will feature two developing hazards.  You respond by clicking a button on the computer mouse.

A window of opportunity to score will open up as the developing hazard starts.  The earlier you spot the hazard the more you score, however, the window opens at a score of 5 and it decreases by 1 until 0.  An important note to remember, if you click the mouse before the scoring window opens you will still score 0, just as you will score 0 after the scoring window closes.  It can be a good idea to click twice per hazard, the highest score will be recorded and this will ensure that if you click too early you will still score something on the second click.  Remember, do not click rhythmically or too many times.

You do not need to point the mouse at the hazard in order to score; you just need click it when you spot a developing hazard.  If the system deems you have clicked too many times or clicked rhythmically the system will score you a 0 for that clip, a red cross will come on the screen to tell you.  The pass mark for the car and motorcycle hazard perception part of the theory test is 44 out of a possible 75.

Online Theory Test Training

Remember you can practice your theory using our complementary on-line theory training or on one of our apps, once you have them downloaded Just click one of the links and get started.

You and also go to the UK .GOV site on your PC or laptop just copy and paste this link into your browser. https://www.gov.uk/practise-your-driving-theory-test

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance!

Driving Theory Test Day

If you are fully prepared for your theory test you should not need to feel nervous.  Follow the advice below and you will be absolutely fine.

Turn up on time.

Some theory test centres do not have car park, so it could be good to do a test run if you are going to be dropped off.  If you are going to be using public transport, ensure you leave plenty of time for your journey.  Your Insight 2 Drive driving instructor can also drop you off at a theory test centre at the end of one of your driving lessons, or pick you up at the start of one of your driving lessons after you have taken your theory test.  If you want your driving instructor to wait for you at the theory test centre you will incur a charge or the time out of the driving lesson time. (This option is not available on the Platinum Pass Package.)

Ensure you take both parts of your driving licence and your appointment letter/email.

You will not be able to sit your theory test unless you have all your documents with you.

All personal belongings have to be put into a locker at the theory test centre.

This includes your phone!  So remember not to take your shopping with you, they are usually small lockers!  If you are found in the test room with any prohibited items you will be asked to leave and lose your money.

You will have plenty of time to do the test.

You will have 57 minutes to compete the multi-choice part of the test and the hazard perception part of the test will run once only, you cannot review this part of the test.

Requirements to pass the UK Driving Test

he UK driving test is designed to do two simple things. To make sure that you:

  •  Can drive safely in different road and traffic conditions.
  •  Know “The Highway Code” and can apply this through your driving ability.

Eyesight Test.

Before you get into the car you will be asked to read out a number plate, this is done to check your eyesight has reached the required standards.  You’ll have to read the number plate from a distance of:

  •  20 metres for vehicles with a new-style number plate.
  •  20.5 metres for vehicles with an old-style number plate.

New-style number plates start with two letters followed by two numbers, for example AB51 ABC.   If you can’t speak English or have difficulty reading, you can write down what you see.  If you cannot read the number plate the driving examiner will ask you to read a second one, if you cannot read the second one then the driving examiner will measure the distance out accurately.  If you cannot read this last number plate your driving test will end there.  You can reapply for a new test once you have had your eyesight corrected.

Show Me Tell Me.

You will be then asked 2 questions from the bank of Show Me Tell Me questions and you must get both of these correct.  You may have to open the bonnet and point to tell the driving examiner something or show them how to do something.

Driving on your driving test.

You will be driving for about 45 minutes on all types of roads, sometimes coming off driving test routes.  During this time you will be asked to perform one of the following manoeuvres.

  •  Turn in the Road.
  •  Reversing around a corner.
  •  Reverse Parking on the road (parallel parking).
  •  Reverse Parking in a bay (done at the test centre).

The driving test will also include 10 minutes of independent driving, during which time the examiner will give you a series of route directions together or ask you to follow directional road signs.  You have a 1 in 3 chance of being asked to perform the emergency stop exercise.

Pass or Fail your Driving Test?

If you’ve taken enough driving lessons and are ready to drive on your own you can pass your driving test first time.  You will not pass your driving test if you commit any of these faults.

  • A dangerous fault |this involves actual danger to you, the examiner, the public or property. (Any one of these will result in a driving test fail).
  • A serious fault | this could potentially be dangerous given different circumstances.  (Any one of these will result in a driving test fail).
  • A driving fault | these faults are not potentially dangerous, but if you make the same fault over and over on your driving test it could become a serious fault. (16 or more of these will result in a driving test fail).

When you pass your driving test your driving examiner will issue you with a driving test pass certificate; this allows you to drive immediately and your driving instructor should allow you to drive home at this point.

Your driving examiner will also offer to send your licence off automatically, this is the best option as it saves you the trouble. Keep your driving test pass certificate in a safe place until your new driving licence arrives.

Practical Driving Test Day – What to do on the day

  •  Your driving instructor will pick you up approximately one hour before your driving test.
  •  Make sure you take both parts of your driving licence and your appointment letter/email with you.
  •  Show all of your documents to your driving instructor as soon as you get into the driving school car, while you are still outside your house.
  •  You should arrive at the driving test centre 10 minutes before your driving test.
  •  The driving school car should be reversed into a parking bay, if there is one; your driving instructor can do this for you.
  •  You will then wait with your driving instructor in the driving test waiting room.
  •  A driving examiner will come out and call your name, stand up to greet them.
  •  The driving examiner will ask you to sign your driving test sheet, declaring the car is insured for the driving test and that you do not have a seat belt exception.  (ALL Insight 2 Drive driving instructors have full driving school car insurance).
  •  If you have specific needs you will be allowed more time, however, this must be sorted out at the time of the test booking.
  •  Most of all have fun!

Your Driving Test Day_Book Online

Booking your Driving Theory Test.

Remember ONLY book your driving theory test though the official driving test web site, at the moment the cost of this is £31.00, there are other sites that claim to offer you unlimited attempts, this is not true, so you must always book thought the official site. Paste this link into a browser http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Diol1/DoItOnline/Doitonlinemotoring/DG_197299
“The greatest mistake you can make in life is to continually be afraid you will make one.” – Elbert Hubbard.

Warning about Driving Test Routes!

You are selling yourself short if you simply learn driving test routes or your driving instructor simply teaches your test routes.  The driving test routes change all the time and the driving examiners sometime have to go off the driving test routes if there are hold ups or road works.  The examiners can sometimes tell if you know the route and look very unfavourably on driving instructors who just teach test routes.  Professional driving instructors will not just teach you driving test routes, they will teach you to drive for life! If you are fully prepared, have taken enough driving lessons and have been taught to drive correctly you will have little problem passing your driving test first time.  However, if you are nervous, download our driving test app; it has something on it that will help you.

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