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Learner Driver Testimonials


Read what our customers have to say about us.

A massive thanks to everyone who has written in.

We know how much we all strive to offer you the best driver training and customer service as we can, however it is always nice to receive some excellent feedback from our customers.

Not crashed yet
I think i am doing pretty well, with my driving lessons so far – not crashed yet which is a good sign and Leanne is very good Teacher and now i more confident than before about passing
Thanks Tony

Leanne went above and beyond
I passed my driving test this past Saturday. My instructor was Leanne and I could not sing her praises enough. When I started having lessons I was extremely anxious and had previously struggled with panic attacks around driving tests.

My lessons were great and whatever I felt I needed to work on was always done first. Leanne would also let me know what needed work from her perspective too, which helped a lot as she could pick up on things I might have missed. If I was unsure of something it was explained to me until I fully understood and felt comfortable. Leanne would often draw pictures so I could understand situations on the road better.

The main issue I had was tests. When it came to my test Leanne went above and beyond what she needed to do and even became more like a therapist at one point as I was so anxious. She shifted my perspective regarding driving tests which then made me more relaxed when it came to test day. This led to me getting a pass. I would highly recommend Leanne to any one

Ps: Sorry if this is too long haha 

An amazing driving instructor.
loved every minute of my lessons, couldn’t have been taught how to driver better by anyone else! Very flexible with times also. Thank you for everything Jackie!

They are the best two driving instructors I could of wished for
I would like to say a big thank you as I passed my test today at Garston test centre and I would not of done it if it was not for the support and help from two of your driving instructors Leanne and Danny who was so friendly and made me feel comfortable and willing to stick at passing my test and even thought I went between the two of them at times for lessons it worked a treat and helped me so much with my confident and willing to push myself more and they are the best two driving instructors I could of wished for so again thank you all and u got two of the best there and they do an amazing job and I really am so grateful to them both for the past year.
Kate Appleton

I also made full use of the practice theory tests on the website
I have recently passed my test and would be happy to recommend Jackie to any of my friends or family. Jackie takes time to explain everything clearly and in a simple way that anyone can understand, this was especially helpful when it came to learning intersections and manoeuvres. I work shifts so it was not always easy for me to give certain times and dates for lessons but Jackie would always do her best to fit me in and let me know if she had any cancellations. Jackie was really helpful in preparing me for the practical driving test, using her knowledge of commonly used test routes. I also made full use of the practice theory tests on the website. Thanks so much for all of your help!!!!!
Nikki Smith 

My confidence and motivation for driving was low
I had quite a long history with driving lessons. I had already tried to learn for around 8 months and failed my test in 2008. I then didn’t attempt driving again until 2015. I wish I had found Leanne straight away but unfortunately I went through two other instructors before becoming very demotivated and finding Leanne. My confidence and motivation for driving was low and it was a struggle fitting lessons in alongside working shifts as a student nurse. I felt like I was never going to pass. Leanne really changed all of that, building my confidence up and explaining things in a way I actually understood for the first time. She is very calming and never flaps or panics about a thing. She made me feel I could do it and eventually I did. My only regret is not getting in touch with her sooner. I am overjoyed to have passed in time for my first nursing job and I am planning to undertake the Pass Plus with Leanne.
Sarah Simons

I would recommend her to anyone!
As a nervous driver Jackie was just what I needed – she was always calm, thorough and detailed. She made sure I had every basis covered and was well prepared for the test. I would recommend her to anyone!
Isobel Hyde-Walker

I felt fully able to ask any questions if needed
My learning experience with Jackie was a great one! As soon as I got into the car I felt relaxed and at ease. Jackie was extremely supportive and helped me to pass first time. She made sure I clearly understood everything and I felt fully able to ask any questions if needed. Jackie was extremely flexible in fitting in lessons in time for me to pass my test which was pre booked. I am so happy with my experience and will definitely be referring anyone who is in need of lessons. I am so grateful to Jackie for everything.
Bethany Deane.

I had to leave Liverpool before sitting my test
I learned more in 4 months with Jackie, than in 18 months with my previous instructor. I was very nervous to resume lessons after a long break, but Jackie listened to me, and helped me gain confidence and solid skills. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to any learner, as she varies the teaching according to your needs. I had to leave Liverpool before sitting my test, but am delighted to say I have now passed.
Beatrice Macrae

She has the perfect balance of having fun but while learning
I could not recommend Jackie enough! I have just passed my test after learning to drive with jackie.
After bad experiences with other driving schools i was close to giving up but i found insight to drive and thought i would give it one last go.
I was nervous and never thought i would pass until jackie!  She has the perfect balance of having fun but while learning all the life skills of driving you need.  She has great learning methods and knows how to put you at ease if your nervous like i was and she genuinely cares about her learners.
I honestly believe i would not of passed without her as my instructor and i will be recommending her to everyone.
Thank you jackie xxx
Kathleen Jones 

Compassionate, understanding and very supportive.
Jackie Bradley is always on time and never late to a lesson, excellent in identifying a learner’s weakness points and helping them to improve.
Have a smart solution to every problem using her so many driving techniques that make driving easier and smoother.
Compassionate, understanding and very supportive.
Thank you Jackie.
Azad Atto

I really never thought I was ever going to get to this point! 
I wanted to leave a review for Leanne. I’ve just passed my test and I really never thought I was ever going to get to this point! I’d had several bad instructors and my confidence in my driving abilities was very low, I was at the point where I felt physically sick before a lesson. Even my initial phone conversation with Leanne made me feel better about driving and more optimistic about learning. With Leanne I gained confidence and actually began to enjoy my lessons, something I would never have thought possible with previous instructors! Leanne is so patient and generous with her time and she never ever gives up trying to get you to understand how to do something. I can’t thank her enough and I have already recommended her to family and friends!  Thank you,

Basically, Jackie is brilliant!
My experience of learning to drive with Jackie. Basically, Jackie is brilliant! I was incredibly nervous about learning to drive, but from the very first lesson Jackie did all she could to put me at my ease. She is so friendly and patient and we always managed to have a laugh, even when I was feeling anxious. She really took the time to get to know me and to find out which teaching methods would work best for me. Our lessons were always well structured, everything was very clearly explained and I always felt able to ask questions. She really made me feel like I was in control of my learning, which helped to build my confidence. I was also keen to get as much practice as possible in between my lessons and Jackie was very supportive of this – she gave lots of advice on the best way to practice and even let my mum sit in on one of our lessons, which was great! I have already recommended Jackie to several people as I am sure I could not have passed first time with any other instructor. She is amazing!

I also wanted to say that I was happy with the service provided by Insight 2 Drive. After I made my enquiry you put me in touch with Jackie really quickly and arranging our lessons was easy. I also appreciated having access to Theory Test Pro. It was really useful and definitely helped me to pass my theory test first time!

Many thanks and best wishes

I would order 10 lessons with him
Hello , had great first lesson with kevin , now i would order 10 lessons more with him.
Sofija Naomi

I had started to have lessons 11 years ago…
I wanted to leave some feedback about my time learning to drive with Jackie Bradley. I had started to have lessons 11 years ago but never really felt comfortable with the instructor, I didn’t make much progress and eventually gave up after around 10 lessons.

I recently decided that it was time to start learning again, I have been really impressed with the progress i have made since Jackie started teaching me. She keeps the instructions simple and easy to understand, she doesn’t panic if i do something wrong and she always keeps me positive about my driving. I am happy to say that i have passed my theory test and i am now booked in for my practical test. I have already recommended Jackie to someone I know and I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking to start lessons.

I have a busy schedule with work and children so its been really helpful how accommodating Jackie has been when trying to fit me in for regular lessons.

I found the practice tests on the insight 2 drive website really useful and I passed my theory test at the first attempt. One or two of the hazard perception tests were hard to use as they were a bit old and hard to clearly see, however I would still encourage people to use the online help.
many thanks!
Nicola Smith

I passed my test today after 4 years of trying
I honestly cannot thank Danny enough! I passed my test today after 4 years of trying and with a couple of lessons with Danny I was ready ! I couldn’t have asked for a better drug instructor. He was so supportive! The quality of his work is really amazing I never thought I could pass my test ever and now I’ve passed ! 
Kelly Bedson

Starting my lessons was nerve racking
I would like to say a massive “Thank You” to Jackie for teaching me to drive. Today (9.2.17) I passed my driving test on my first attempt!! Starting my lessons was nerve racking, but Jackie’s style of teaching and her patience really helped to bring my confidence levels up. She really takes the time to explain each part, drawing diagrams to help explain and demonstrating how its supposed to be done. Even when I was making mistakes and letting my nerves get the better of me her words of wisdom and little pep talks helped to calm me down and I realised I could do it! We also had many laughs along the way!! All the hard work Jackie put in to teach me paid off today and I cant thank her enough. I will definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking to learn to drive!
Kirsty Ormond 

Amazing driving instructor
Thanks again to Kevin Hales who was an amazing driving instructor!
Amy Skinner

I have tried other schools…
I am currently learning to drive with jackie and having tried other schools and instructors i wouldn’t go with anybody else.
She’s friendly and puts you at ease but is also professional and reliable.
She has great learning methods and She really wants you to pass and i know i will pass as her as my instructor.
Kat Jones

Versus Wigan Warriors
Good Afternoon Kathy
On behalf of Widnes Vikings I would like to personally thank you and your guests for your support at last night’s game versus Wigan Warriors. Despite the result I hope you still enjoyed the occasion.
Dave Rolt – Widnes Vikings

She has the patience of a saint…
I would recommend Jackie to any of my friends or family,as she has the patience of a saint.and very understanding.and i will miss her when we part,i just don’t think,i would of found a better teacher yours gratefully mark
Kenneth Graham x

I will admit, I failed my test twice
This is a little late, over 4 weeks in fact! Leanne was my instructor and the only way I can describe her was amazing.

I will admit, I failed my test twice (down to daft mistakes on the day). Up to the day of my test, Leanne gave me all the support in the world and made me feel so confident and calm on the road. I passed my test in just over 4 months from having zero experience. I would recommend Leanne to anybody. Whether you’re a calm or confident driver Leanne will be able to help you build on the areas you struggle with and she will take the time to coach you through them until you’re skilled and confident.

Thanks for putting up with me Leanne, I’ve majorly been missing all the fun we had on out lessons!

I am on my 4th diving instructor! 
I just want to write a review for Jackie.
‘Jackie is my 4th and final driving instructor! Her lessons are genuinely enjoyable, she explains things so they are easy to understand and makes you feel confident behind the wheel. After having issues with previous instructors I am so happy to have found Jackie and I finally feel like I’m on the right track to passing my test! I couldn’t recommend her more’
Thanks, Chole Brooks 

I was so disappointed
Ame is honestly fantastic, I loved Colin and was so disappointed that he couldn’t fit me in (the sign of an excellent instructor) but I couldn’t ask for better! She’s brilliant, so kind and patients, and I’m already recommending her to friends.
Anna Hudson

She is genuinely invested
I recently passed my test and just wanted to say thank you to Jackie.

Jackie has been a very supportive instructor whilst I’ve been learning. She is friendly, easygoing and has a good sense of humour. This was especially helpful when I first started if I was feeling frustrated that I’d made a mistake or that it was taking me a while to master something.

I had a crisis of confidence along the way and Jackie has always been encouraging; keeping me motivated and determined to pass. She listens to what you want to get out of your lessons and structures them around what you feel you need to focus on to build your confidence. She gives thoughtful feedback and you can see she is genuinely invested in helping you be the best driver you can be.

She really went the extra mile to accommodate me with my lessons to fit them around my work and always gets back to you really quickly if you need to contact her.

Thank you, Jackie!

Emily Dunn

I can’t make it to the funeral
Hiya Kath, I’ve just started a new job so I can’t make it to the funeral but will be donating in her memory. She was boss. Even when I projectile vomited all over her car. I’ll never forget the dogs blanket wrapped round my waist x ❤️  I am so sorry, Lynne was an amazing friend and driving instructor please update me so I can go and say goodbye to my lovely friend x

My learning has been somewhat sporadic
Hope you’re keeping well.

Just wanted to send a quick review in re my lessons so far with Jackie.
My learning has been somewhat sporadic over the last 12 months due to personal circumstances. It may be noted that I’ve ceased learning for the time being, and wanted to confirm that this isn’t any reflection on Jackie’s tuition.

Jackie has been consistently supportive and helpful to me during the lessons we’ve had, she’s helped me gain confidence in aspects of driving I was struggling with with previous instructors, and has always taken the edge off any problems I encounter learning; with her brilliant sense of humour.
The extra effort she puts in to helping you learn with her white board and artistic skills are priceless!

It just isn’t the right time for me to continue learning at this time, but I hope to pick things up again with her in the near future.

Kind Regards

‘It’s been an amazing experience…
Hi there, I just wanted to send in a testimonial for passing my test, my instructor is Leanne condliff and I am a first time passer 🙂

‘It’s been an amazing experience working with Leanne at insight 2 drive, I’ve learnt so much and overcome my anxieties of driving a car with loads of help from her. I passed today first time, and feel so proud of myself & so thankful to Leanne! Thank you so much!-
Megan Roberts’

I contacted insight2drive at very short notice
Just like to say a massive thank you to Jackie Bradley my driving instructor at insight2drive for all her help in getting me through my practical test.

I contacted insight2drive at very short notice and they were very accommodating to me in getting me an instructor so quickly.

I met Jackie with a lot of driving knowledge and a few fails from previous but with her help and tuition I got over the line.

A very good driving instructor let’s you go at your own pace and is very calm and helpful were you need it.
From beginner to test ready she will give you everything she knows to make you better and pass along the way.
The school also were very helpful to myself over a couple of issues and very friendly in conducting themselves would recommend to anybody taking up driving.

Thank you Jackie and all at insight2drive wish you much success like you gave me.
Colin Milliken

But half way through he got a job in London
I am writing to say how pleased I am that I choose one of your driving instructors Leanne Condliff to teach my nephew Thomas Dean to drive. I am delighted to be able to say he passed his test on 12th may. Thomas started taking lessons in Liverpool but half way through he got a job in London so was only able to travel up approximately once a month which was not ideal when you are learning to drive. Leanne juggled her other driving commitments to continue to teach Thomas and fit him in as he didn’t want to change instructors. I have expressed my gratitude to Leanne and also informed her I will have no hesitation in passing her details on to any of my friends and colleagues who have young people who are looking to learn to drive. Leanne made learning to drive a pleasurable experience for Thomas, she really is an asset to the company.
Angela McNally.

I struggled with a few key areas
I’m just getting in touch to give a review of Jackie Bradley, who recently helped me pass my driving test.

Jackie has been an absolutely wonderful driving instructor for me, and really helped me through my test. Jackie was very patient with me, especially during times when I was very nervous and lost confidence leading up to my test. She gave a great balance of being very thorough and detailed in her approach to ensuring I fully understood all elements of driving, whilst also really boosting my confidence and subsequently improving my ability to drive safely and competently.

I struggled with a few key areas, including junctions, intersections and traffic lights, which Jackie took a lot of time to ensure I understood and felt completely comfortable with, before sitting my test.

Whilst I couldn’t always take them due to work commitments, Jackie also always offered me any extra lessons if a free slot became available, which was really reassuring in the lead up to my test.

I am really grateful for Jackie’s support and persistence in helping me to pass my test – I had learnt to drive with a couple of different instructors before coming across Insight2Drive and had sat five tests prior to my passing my last test in April; before each test previously I had never felt as confident as I did before going into my test with Jackie, as I really felt competent, confident and fully prepared through Jackie’s tuition and support.

Thank you very much Jackie! J

If you need any more information or there is anything else I can do to help, please do let me know.
With best wishes,

I even undertook a 3 hour (satnav-guided) journey
I passed my test with Andy in the autumn of 2012, but haven’t done a lot of driving since, as I live in the city centre, and don’t have the need (or the means) for a car of my own.

I’ve driven hire cars a few times (when visiting family & friends down in Herefordshire), and drive my partner’s car very occasionally.

My father sadly passed away a few weeks ago, so I am down in Herefordshire dealing with his affairs and clearing the house. I have also taken ownership of his car, and it has occurred to me a number of times whilst driving that it is only due to the training I received from youself that I am able to navigate the roads in a safe and efficient manner.

As well as being able to utilise the car for trips to the refuse/recycling centre, I have been able to visit friends in Bristol, and the nearby countryside. I even undertook a 3 hour (satnav-guided) journey to a specific beach on the Welsh coast.
James White

She taught me a lot more than what I expected
I would like to thank Jackie for all of her help over the last couple of weeks in helping me pass my driving test yesterday. She taught me a lot more than what I expected I needed to be able to drive and I passed with ease because of this. I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking driving lessons in the future.
Jack Smith

Helped with my anxiety.
Hi I would like to say thank you to Leanne to helping me pass my driving test! Would highly recommend her to anyone she is really friendly and a really good driving instructor who also helped with my anxiety.

Amazing woman!!!!!! 
After failing 2 tests in a different area and being nervous and not confident when driving, Jackie was my final hope and she literally was the best instructor I could’ve asked for! She was so accommodating and PATIENT, eased my nerves massively and increased my confidence so much! One of the nicest people and best teachers I’ve ever met and I honestly cannot thank her enough! Would recommend her to every learner driver and  I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn and pass with her 🙂 
Shannon  Rice

Without them, I would have been unable to ‘jump behind the wheel’
I just wanted to say thank you Andy for all of the lessons and advice I received. Without them, I would have been unable to ‘jump behind the wheel’ as I have done in the last few weeks. Take Care

Thousand thumbs up for her and the Insight team
am with extreme joy to announce to the entire team, of the Massive relief I have gotten by the ‘Magic’ of 
Jackie’s excellent driving tutorial. 

I am happy to hammer again that, I did achieve this First Time attempt and passed with Jackie’s ‘Magic’  which comprises of 
  • Punctuality
  • Patient
  • Polite
  • Total Focus
  • Emotional catalyst
  • Extra Time (going extra miles even on test days) 
  • Thoughtful
I will forever remain grateful for the excellent driving skills she imparted on me. 
She also boosted my morale,  to remain focus and consistent when my wife had an accident and I decided to cancel my test appoint. Thousand thumbs up for her and the Insight team.Inline imageInline imageInline imageInline image 
I can’t wait to act as a ‘marketing executive to the Insight Family.Inline imageInline imageInline image
I will also give this advice to my colleagues’ learners, to be obedient and make notes after the lessons, so they can chew the cud like ruminates do.
My whole family is soaked with endless joy for the FIRST TIME ATTEMPT PASS. 
It all started from INSIGHT2 DRIVE, with Jackie as your ‘pilot’ safety, security & success is inevitable !!
Ernest Anyan-Denkyi

She made my lessons a laugh.
I passed my test on 25/05/16 and couldn’t have done it without all of Leanne’s help. She was always patient with me and made lessons a laugh. As much as I was made up to pass it has been strange not seeing her every week! Everything I’ve learnt I’ve been able to put into practice driving on my own. A special mention does have to go to Lynne who I started out with. She gave me the basics and built my confidence when I first started learning. I can definitely say I had the two best instructors!
Liz Barton

I could not have done it without Leanne
I passed my test with Leanne back in February! I couldn’t have done it without Leanne’s patience and confidence building! Leanne was very accommodating to my situation where I needed intense weekly lessons but then long breaks due to me living abroad! I was petrified of driving and thought I’d never pass! But I did and now I have so much more independence! Thank you so much Leanne and all the best!! X
Laura Colligan

A Great Fist Lesson
Hello , had great first lesson with Kevin, now I would order another 10 Lessons with him, thank you.
Thank you, Sofija

I am currently based in London
On a high passed my driving test this morning . I started taking lessons with Leanne on my monthly visits to liverpool. I am currently based in London. I would recommend people using leanne, as she puts all her time and effort into helping you pass your test. Thank you so much for getting me to this point.
Thomas Dean.

I have had my first lesson!
Just had my first Lessons today with Gary, Brilliant instructor where everything was picked up fast on in great detail, Already booked in for my 3rd lesson next week and hoping to pass with Insight!
Thanks! Dean

I would recommend him to anyone.
I passed both my theory and practical test with Andy Keywood first time. I could be quite nervous during my lessons but he would allow to go at my own pace so I could be confident in what I was doing, before moving on to the next step. He was very encouraging during my lessons and helped to build my confidence a lot. In my opinion he is a brilliant driving instructor and I would recommend him to anyone.
Thank You, Stephanie Walsh

Its all about teamwork.
Hi. Thank you for all your support over the last `10 month’s, in helping me pass my driving Test. I would highly recommend Barb & Leanne, to any one who is wanting to learn to drive. I couldn’t of passed without there support & help.

It was horrific
I began my driving lessons with another school shortly after my 18th birthday and it was horrific. I had an instructor who was a family friend and did us a ‘discount’ for this relationship. It was the biggest waste of time and money that i had ever invested in and after almost 40 hours of driving around Liverpool whilst he was on his phone and other distracting things I stopped and restarted when I was 20.
I started with Leanne and after one lesson she gave me her estimated number of lessons I would require in order to pass to which i was shocked as it was so low!!! Even though I had a few bad habits from the instructor before.

I absolutely loved my driving lessons and am writing this review 4 hours after passing 1st time in the time frame which Leanne had said it would be. She is an amazing instructor who I beyond trust and will be recommending to any friends or family who tell me they are thinking of learning to drive. I had an absolute ball on my lessons and am now considering to do my pass plus in order to do more lessons with her as i enjoyed them so much!! Many Thanks Leanne!! Don’t think I could have done it without you!!
Jessica claire

Just passed
with Stu. Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor!
Josh Hulligan

I passed my test first time with Leanne, with only 2 minors. She is very patient with nervous learners like myself which made me feel totally at ease. Initially I was taking 90 minute lessons once a week, but closer to my test began a more intense course of 90 minutes per day. I wish I had started the intense sooner, as I found it really beneficial. Leanne was brilliant when accommodating my evening lessons, as I work 9-5, and even offered weekend slots when life got a bit hectic! I would wholeheartedly recommend Leanne, she genuinely is a brilliant instructor. Thank you to all at Insight2Drive for helping me achieve my driving goal.
Danielle X

After delivering a road safety talk to the 6th form.
Thanks to your team who visited today for the first of two talks. Feedback
so far has been really positive.
Greg McLean – St Margaret’s Church of England Academy

Started my refresher course with Barbara Porter after getting 6 points in two years had to do it all again fantastic tutor can’t recommended enough a*****
Chris Deegan

Lynne was very good for my daughter…
and gave her the confidence that she needed. From the very first lesson they hit it off and it worked.
As the weeks went on she grew with every session and so did I. When I first went out with Beth she nearly killed me but as the weeks went on I was calm and enjoyed my trips out (although I kept getting told off as my way is apparently wrong).
Thanks for teaching my daughter the safe way to drive it’s something she now posses for her future driving years thanks to Lynne.
Terry O’Connor | Widnes Vikings
Safe and Confident
Passed my driving test first time with Stuart would highly recommend Stuart to anyone who wants to learn to drive in a safe and confident way great instructor
Sean O’leary

Keighley Meah for Jackie
After putting off my learning to drive for years, I finally decided to do it and I am so glad that I rang insight2drive who then put me onto Jackie Bradley..
First of all, I have never met anybody like this woman, what a lovely, funny, genuine person, inside and out. Before my first lesson I was so anxious, until I got to the car and was greeted by Jackie with the warmest welcome. The saying “A smile goes a very long way” is true, because she put me at ease, she reassured me everything was going to be okay and that she would not only teach me how to drive, but how to be a safe driver and she was right. I passed my test first time, and it is all down to Jackie! The way she teaches you things and her little pep talks – makes them stick in your head, which for me, helped a lot! I cannot thank her enough for everything!!

I will miss my lessons with her. She is simply the best out there!!! I HIGHLY recommend her and have done to a few already!!
Good luck for the future Jackie, thanks
Keighley x

Jessica Bull for Leanne
I was asked by Leanne to do a review and she’s sent me this email to send it to:

‘ I began my driving lessons with another school shortly after my 18th birthday and it was horrific. I had an instructor who was a family friend and did us a ‘discount’ for this relationship. It was the biggest waste of time and money that i had ever invested in and after almost 40 hours of driving around Liverpool whilst he was on his phone and other distracting things I stopped and restarted when I was 20.

I started with Leanne and after one lesson she gave me her estimated number of lessons I would require in order to pass to which i was shocked as it was so low!!! Even though I had a few bad habits from the instructor before. I absolutely loved my driving lessons and am writing this review 4 hours after passing 1st time in the time frame which Leanne had said it would be. She is an amazing instructor who I beyond trust and will be recommending to any friends or family who tell me they are thinking of learning to drive. I had an absolute ball on my lessons and am now considering to do my pass plus in order to do more lessons with her as i enjoyed them so much!! Many Thanks Leanne!! Don’t think I could have done it without you!!
Many Thanks.. I am so pleased with the result I got and was more than happy to write this review 😀

Thomas Martin for Kevin
I’m a little late in sending my testimonial but i think its better late than never. I can’t talk any higher about the service provided by Insight2drive and in particular my instructor Kevin. He recommended the right course for me (the silver package) and was brilliant at working in the amount of lessons i requested around mine, and his, busy schedule. I went into my test confident of passing and i did first time. I would, and have, recommended him to anyone thinking of taking up lessons.
Thanks Insight and thanks Kevin. Sincerely,

God awful standards
Managed to take me from god awful standards taught by a P@@@@@@@@@ instructor to test standard in one 5 hour session 1 day prior to test day. Passed 1st time! Brilliant instructor and very informative. Will highly recommend her services and very grateful for her help. 10/10
Michael Hoban

Helena Cliffe for Stuart
Been driving for almost 3 weeks now and its been amazing and couldn’t have done it without Stu. he has been the best driving instructor always going the extra mile.

Lyn Riley for Leanne
My driving inductor Leanne. She was fantastic really was patient and give me the best quality of learning to drive. I passed within a matter of weeks. I recommend to anyone this service.

Beth Warr for Colin
I recently passed my test first time at Garston & wanted to say how impressed I was with my instructor Colin. We had about one session a week for the space of three months & he gave me the confidence to become a decent driver. He was always calm, gave good suggestions & advice & taught me the essential skills I needed a to pass the test. I would have no qualms with recommending him to friends (& I already have). You are lucky to have him on your team. Kind regards,

David James for Leanne
Leanne was my instructor and I was really pleased with how the lessons went. The objectives of the lessons were explained at the start of each one and I found it very helpful that at the end we went over what I’d learnt. The written sheet was helpful to see if there were any gaps.

Leanne was really patient and made sure I was confident on all aspects of the test before we moved onto the next. The way she taught was really clear and concise. I would definitely recommend your lessons to anyone who asked. Thanks

Holly Dobson for Lynne
“Lessons: They go at a steady pace to suit me, challenge me at times which helps with my confidence. Always recap on previous lesson so I know what to work on.learn something new everytime Lynne: Has Patience, asks me what I’d like to do and we reflect after each lesson which reinforces what I’ve learnt. Cheerful and always willing to help in time of crisis!”

Victoria for Lynne
I have recently started lessons again after various attempts in the past (over 150 lessons) and I was extremely nervous. Lynne put me at ease immediately and has been great for building my confidence. Four lessons in with her and I’m already at a fairly decent level of driving and my nerves have all but disappeared. I would really recommend her to anyone, particularly if you’re feeling nervous.

Kate McCabe for Leanne
Passed My Test With Leanne Condliff ADI Best Instructor It Boosted My Confidence Made Me See I Could Do It And After My Bad Experiences Its Nice To See There Are Lovely Genuine Instructors Thanks Alot Leanne It Means So Much An My Pass Means Everything To Me. Im Over The Moon highly Recommend leanne 🙂 Kate McLoughran LL

Absolutely Over The Moon Passed My Test Yesterday. Thank You So Much Leanne Couldn’t Of Done It Without You. you Know The Past Experiences Iv Had. So Glad i Met You Thanks Again For Everything. And Ill See You Soon xx
Kate McCabe

Jack Watson for Richard
Just want to drop you a message to stick on the website about Richard, if you could. I really enjoyed our lessons, he was a very good teacher. Richard was patient and very understanding when I couldn’t get things right. He taught me well until I was confident to do everything perfectly. I fully recommend anyone learning to drive to use Richard!

colin chown pass 44 Couldn’t ask for better
Just passed my driving test with Barbra! Couldn’t of asked for a better instructor.. So happy!
Abbie 🙂 x

Lisa-Marie Reilly for Colin
Hello 🙂 thank you so much for your support today! I needed a good telling off, there nerves nearly beat me! Still not sunk in yet, I changed my policy, it was only £180 more for the year. Thanks again, you are wonderful 🙂

I was recommended insight to drive by my friend
I was recommended insight to drive by my friend Amanda who was also a driving instructor, I was buying a birthday package for my son, he was allocated Jerry Downing as his instructor, I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor he has helped Sam so much, and today he passed his test.  Well done Sam and many thanks for all your help.
Pauline Harvey

Nicola Bartlett Nicola Bartlett for Leanne.
Leanne was a great instructor who made sure the lessons were focussed on what I needed. Having had lessons in different cities with different instructors Leanne was able to identify and help with my weaker areas and help familiarise me with the area quickly. Leanne is a brilliant teacher who listens to her pupils and plans the lessons based on what you feel you need. Overall she helped me improve my confidence which had suffered a bit. Having passed first time I feel confident about driving on my own. Leanne also made driving fun and made me feel relaxed. I think that’s probably the reason I passed and that I am looking forward to getting on the road. I am a much much better driver now than when I met her and enjoy it a lot more.

Nicola Terry for Andy.
Andy came recommended by 3 of my work colleagues (one of whom also had a son who had passed with Andy!) and am so glad that I took their guidance. Everything they said about his great attitude and approach to teaching was true and I’ve passed first time. I have no doubt that this was due in great part to Andy’s calm and friendly way of working and steady, thorough preparation for my test. As someone who has struggled with confidence learning to drive, I found Andy’s patience and confidence in me to get there to be extremely supportive. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Andy’s skills to anyone who told me they were seeking a highly professional and competent instructor. Thanks, Andy – you’re a star!!!

Sam McCleary for Barbara.
I would like to say a massive Thank you to Barbara who has been very supportive and a great instructor, always patient with me and a big help!! I couldn’t of passed without her, will definitely be recommending her to friends and family. Thanks again Barbara.

Dave Hampson for Barbara.
My brother Richard Hampson recommended you to me last year and I would like to thank you and your instructors for guiding both Jayde and Alex Hampson to a first time pass. Great news!!! Very best wishes,
Dave Hampson (their father) |
Vicky Christian for Barbara.
I passed my test yesterday with Babrbra 3rd time lucky I just want to say what a fantastic woman she is and how much I enjoyed my lessons with her she made me feel so comfortable an give me loads of confidence I can’t thank her enough I must say I will miss my lessons thank u so much insight2dive
I passed my driving test zoe pearce JB Zoe Pearce for Jackie.
I passed my test on 13th February 2014, after having two previous driving instructors, Jackie Bradley was the one who helped me pass my test. After being recommended by a friend in the Summer I started my lessons in September, after not driving for over a year. Originally from Manchester I did not know Liverpool very well so Jackie helped me find my way around and recognise local areas. Jackie has great teaching techniques that help you to understand and remember certain processes needed when driving, she is also very patient! I would recommend Jackie to anyone looking to start driving lessons or pick them back up after having a previous instructor. Thank you so much Jackie!
Zoe Pearce | Wavertree.

I passed my driving test Rebecca Carey LC

Rebecca Carey for Leanne.
I passed my test near the end of last month thanks to Leanne! She’s patient and very easy to get along with which makes learning to drive easier and more fun. She’s very flexible and is open to teaching you in whatever style suits you best. I would highly recommend Leanne as an instructor if you want enjoyable lessons and a pass at the end! Thanks again for everything Leanne! Rebecca x
Rebecca Carey | Anfield.
I passed my driving test hanna thompson BP

Hannah Thomson for Barbara.

Barbara was a great instructor who was really patient, easy-going and helped me to control my nerves. I looked forward to my driving lessons with her as she was very encouraging and made the lessons enjoyable. I would recommend Barbara without hesitation. Thank you very much Barbara for all your support!
Hannah Thomson | Gateacre.

Alyx Harrington Groves for Andy.
I loved going on lessons with Andy! He always assured me of any queries or doubts I had about driving. He made me a confident driver and I can’t praise him enough for how much he has helped me. I would recommend Andy to any new learner or current learner who needs a confidence boost. Straight forward, well explained and all over made learning to drive an enjoyable experience.
Alyx Harrington Groves | Huyton.
I passed my driving test first time Bethan Townsend LC
Beth Townsend for Leanne.
Leanne was the third driving instructor I’d seen since first deciding I’d learn to drive about 9 years ago! Going to university, moving house and having children meant it kept getting put off but I’m so glad once I found Leanne she stuck with me. Flexibility was key to me getting the hours I needed in and it took nearly 12 months but every single one of them was worth it for my first time pass! I was SO nervous until the test actually began and then I couldn’t believe it was happening. I would never have been able to do it without Leanne and her patience!
Beth Townsend | Norris Green.
Emma Lawler for Andy.
I passed my driving test on the 27th November 2013 thanks to the fantastic Andy. Every week I looked forward to my lesson as I knew I’d be getting the best instruction possible. Andy is professional, patient and explained everything thoroughly. Every lesson was well structured and I felt I was progressing with everyone I had. He helped to build up my confidence by putting me at ease with funny conversations about random facts and provided me with the skills for both the theory and practical test needless to say I passed first time. Andy never let me down and always arrived on time. I highly recommend Andy as a driving instructor if you want the best.
Emma Lawler | Huyton.
Charlene Bushell for Colin.
Colin was a great instructor and helped me to control my nerves. I never thought I would be able to pass first time. Insight2Drive is a great driving school and I would recommend it to anybody. Thanks a lot. Charlene.
Charlene Bushall | Kirkdale | Merseyside.
Simon Parry for Leanne.
i passed my driving test Simon Parry LC Leanne has been a fantastic driving instructor; patient, informative and refreshing in her technique. I was doing a refresher intensive course 12 hours then my test which I wanted to use the time to iron out my driving and get rid of some bad habits I have developed over the last couple of years driving. We achieved more and more each hour and I could see that the improvement was steady and we worked on what both Leanne and myself knew to be the most importantly. I have had 5 different driving instructors since starting to drive, (making Leanne the sixth) all prior instructors had some sort of problems mostly not giving me the full hour getting me home early so as not to be late or using old techniques which are outmoded. Leanne was a breath of fresh air if anything we stayed out longer and used new ways of explaining old manoeuvres which let me see things in a new way. Leann’s interest was to get another safe driver on the road and not to make as much money from me as she could I would recommend her to any new driver and old who want to pass and would say to count yourselves lucky if you manage to get her as an instructor.
Simon Parry | St. Helen’s.
Matt Dutton for Leanne.
Many thanks to Leanne for teaching me to drive and helping me pass my test (4 minors), she has been a brilliant instructor. I came to Leanne low on confidence and self belief after failed tests. Leanne’s calm and patient approach helped me a lot. She really knew the main areas I needed to work on to be test ready. Thanks to Leanne I am a very confident driver now. I would definitely recommend her to others!
Matt Dutton | Everton | Liverpool.
Margaret Devaney for Leanne.
I passed first time with only two minors. I had been with another company before, but they were rubbish when I started with Leanne it was basically like learning from the beginning again. Leanne is an excellent instructor, she is very patient and lovely to drive with. I will definitely be recommending her to friends and family. Thanks for all your help!
Margaret Devaney | Allerton | Liverpool.
I passed my driving test Alice Robinson JB Alice Robinson for Jackie.
I don’t live in the area usually covered by insight2drive but Jackie was recommended to me. i and very glad she was. she came out of her way to help me to get to test standard and pass my test on my third attempt. my nerves were my fall down and little bad habits I picked up driving with my husband which with Jackie’s patience, help and support i was able to get there. i appreciate Jackie’s help greatly and she is a credit to the school and any pupil she will teach they couldn’t ask for a better teacher. thank you very much Jackie.
Alice Robinson | Crewe.
John Duffy for Barbara.
I have found Barbara to be very knowledgeable and understanding of what is required to motivate and inspire her students to get the best out of them. I have had previous instructors in the past who could not give me the confidence and belief that was needed to get me to test standard. Barbara does in my opinion have that special quality that is required that allows the student to reach their true potential. I would recommend Barbara to any student who was willing to put the hard work in to reach the standard that is required to pass the test.
John Duffy | Huyton | Merseyside.
Marita Macdonald for Andy.
Andy is a super driving instructor who prepares you very thoroughly for your driving and theory tests. His feedback gave me a great deal of confidence in my ability as a driver. He is always very calm and constructive in his approach. I would definitely recommend Andy as a driving instructor to anyone who wants to pass the first time.
Martia Macdonald.
Joanne Spencer for Leanne.
Just passed my driving test today!! Leanne is so patient and helpful with every part of the driving lessons and gave me the confidence I needed to pass my driving test! Would recommend her to anyone. Thanks again Leanne! Couldn’t have done it without you!!
Joanne Spencer | Seaforth | Merseyside.
Gemma Evans for Colin.
i passed my driving test gemma evens CC Colin is one of the most patient people I have ever met, his knowledge about driving is of a vast experience and he is so passionate about what he does and that is what makes him so experienced. I never had much confidence and was quite nervous getting back behind the wheel after having my son, I had previous driving lessons with another driving instructor and I didn’t feel I had learnt anything from him after spending just one driving lesson with Colin. I passed my test first attempt 2 days ago after 7 months of lessons and I can’t believe how far I have come. I would highly recommend Colin to anyone and I already have to my sister in law he is an absolute star and I couldn’t have done it without him. Thank you for putting up with me for so long and everything you have done for me. Excellent driving instructor, very funny man ABSOLUTE GENT!!!!!!! Thank you.
Gemma Evans | Belle Vale | Merseyside.
Stephanie Nelson for Andy.
I am so happy that Andy is my driving instructor, he is grade A! He is very professional and has helped ease all my nerves and calm me down and I know for a fact I’m going to pass my driving test first time as he is class. Definitely will be recommending!!
Stephanie Nelson | Speke | Liverpool.
Suzanne O’Connor for Colin.
I would like to personally thank Colin for his patience and understanding as a driving instructor. He is an excellent instructor who has helped me endlessly in getting me through my driving test which i passed Friday!! Delighted to say the least!!!! I first met Colin in February this year and i was terrified of driving, hence to say I’ve had my provisional since i was 19, imp now 37!!! For years and years i have gone through various instructors and not been sucessful, mostly giving up after a couple of lessons due to my fear of driving. Thankfully i found Colin, who has gave me self belief in achieving what i once thought was un-achievable!!! Even before my test, i had major doubts but Colin urged me on – Thank you sooooooooo much Colin!! x
Suzanne O’Connor | Huyton | Merseyside.
I passed my driving test ryan mcguinness LC Ryan McGuinness for Gill and Leanne.

Highly recommended driving school Gill you legend!! Thanks for the help and Leanne for taking me for the test thanks a lot!!
Ryan Mcguinness | Liverpool.
James White for Andy.
Driving test passed 10th October at Garston driving test centre. Andy is an excellent Driving Instructor. He was recommended to me by a work colleague who had struggled with his previous driving instructor, and I have myself already recommended him to one friend (who is close to taking their driving test), and to the niece of another friend (who did the Pass Plus course with him).

I had driving lessons, and took a driving test, when I was 17, but I was very apprehensive about learning to drive again, especially in a city centre environment. However, Andy was calm, patient, and explained everything in an easy to understand manner. He was always on time, and I always felt that I was getting great value for money. I have also booked a 2 hour motorway driving lesson for this coming Thursday.

I was very disheartened after failing my first test on the 12th September (a serious fault on my parallel park), but after a few more driving lessons I felt ready again, and was very pleased to pass my driving test (with the same driving examiner, coincidentally) just four weeks later. Many Thanks
James White | Liverpool.
Deborah Parkin re. James White for Andy.
Just to let you know that James White had his first drive in my car today. He drove around some of the roads on the driving test routes to get him used to my car, and then he drove through town to Aintree. James’ driving was great and I am looking forward to being a passenger again soon (he is going to drive to work on Monday).
Deborah Parkin | Liverpool.
widnes vikings driving lesson s Widnes Vikings for Kathy.
Can I firstly start by saying thank you so very much for a brilliant presentation to the Vikings youth players on Monday night. The players will have got a lot from it and the coaches were really impressed with your enthusiasm and your ease at which you delivered the session. As a thank you we have sent a tweet out today.
Tim Holmes – Widnes Vikings.
Joseph Smith for Andy.
Andy is a fantastic driving instructor and a great guy. I felt completely at ease and confident on the road due to Andy’s professionalism and knowledge. I passed my driving test 1st time which I put down to the fact I looked forward to driving lessons as I knew I was getting the best driving instruction. Andy explained things in depth as a driving lesson would progress, and teach me skills for both practical and for theory which I also passed 1st go with only 1 wrong answer. I would not hesitate in recommending Andy as a driving instructor, as I guarantee you will benefit from the vast skills and knowledge he possesses, whilst having a laugh and enjoying the driving lesson at the same time. Thanks again mate, and all the best.
Joseph Smith | Walton | Liverpool.
Nickola for Colin.
I passed my driving test last year with Colin. I started taking my driving lessons with him when he worked for another driving school. I was really nervous about learning to drive and put off taking driving lessons for a few years. Colin was very understanding and put me at ease within a few minutes. When Colin moved to Insight 2 Drive I had to make the decision whether to get new driving instructor with the driving school I was currently with, or change to Insight 2 Drive and keep Colin as my driving instructor. The decision was really easy and I stayed with Colin. He was really supportive and was always willing to answer any questions I had (no matter how silly I thought they were). I have recommended Colin to family and friends and would also recommend Colin to anybody who is thinking about taking driving lessons.
Nickola Parkinson | Prescot | Merseyside.
Feedback for Insight 2 Drive Jack Owens of the Widnes Vikings for Gill.

I would like to pass on my thanks and sincere gratitude to Gill, for helping my son Jack Owens, to pass his driving test first time. He always looked forward to his driving lessons and never once passed any negative comments about any part of his driving lessons. Because Jack does a lot of training due to his commitments to Widnes Vikings, he sometimes had to change the times or days of his driving lessons at very short notice and Gill was always very accommodating.
Tracey Owens (Jack’s Mum).
I passed my driving test danielle howard CC Danielle Howard for Colin.
Colin is a good driving instructor. He is very patient and his instructions are easy to understand. He is very friendly and always willing to answer any questions I had. My driving lessons were an hour and a half each time and I found I learnt more this way which is why I think I passed first time. I will recommend Colin to any of my friends who are going to learn to drive.
Danielle Howard | Woolton | Liverpool.
Phil Glanville for Gill.
Just wanted to say many thanks to you and your colleague, Gill, for giving him confidence to pass his driving test. I have spoken to Gill. From the 1st time he met her till the day of his driving test at no point has he complained, moaned, sulked or tried to give an excuse not to go driving. His comments to people who have asked him how the driving is going and how is your driving instructor have always been positive. He even preferred to go with Gill than me!

We may ask Gill to do the PASS PLUS if you recommend it. I hope Rebecca (next door but 1) has the same success. Thanks Kathy and a bigger thanks to Gill.
Phil Glanvill | Widnes.
David Gillin for Liz.
Liz and Insight 2 Drive were recommended to me by several friends when I became unhappy with my driving instructor from another driving school. I soon realised why. She’s friendly and put me at ease right away. I really liked how each driving lesson had a structure and she gave me points to improve each week. Liz is a brilliant driving instructor with bags of patience and I’d recommend her to anyone – It’s because of Liz I passed first time, any problems I had she went through over and over again. Thanks Liz!! (I was saying ‘tyres ‘n’ tarmac’ in my sleep!!)
David Gillin | Childwall.
Kath Parkes for Simon.
Cannot thank Simon enough for his excellent tuition resulting in Bethany passing her driving test first time. We changed to Insight 2 Drive as we were not making progress with our driving instructor and within the first driving lesson Simon not only raised Bethany’s confidence tremendously but outlined fully what we should be looking for as parents guiding our daughter through the learning to drive process. Everything was transparent and clearly explained and at every part of the process we had absolute confidence in Simon. I would highly recommend Insight 2 Drive and have already reserved driving lessons for my youngest daughter for next year. Thank you SO much.
Kath Parkes | Widnes | BNI.
Nikki Hawley for Barbara.
I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Barbara for all her help and support in passing my driving test 1st time. She is a fantastic driving instructor and always made my driving lessons enjoyable. On my first driving lesson she made me feel at ease and always reminded me not to forget to breathe during difficult situations! Barbara has also helped me complete my Pass Plus and I couldn’t have done it without her. She is a credit to Insight 2 Drive and highly recommended.
Thanks again Barbara, you’ve been great.
Nikki Hawley | Maghull .
Ray Birkenhead for Simon.
Thanks Si,
I couldn’t have done it without all of your help, support, patience and professionalism, oh, and your jokes too haha! A very highly recommended driving Instructor and driving school with an excellent and informative website – message left on our Facebook group.
Ray Birkenhead | Prescot.
Pauline Birchall for Simon.
Simon is the best driving instructor (message left for us on our Facebook group).
Pauline Birchall | Runcorn.
Ashley Kevin for Andy.
I found my driving experience with Andy very enjoyable. His teaching methods are clear and easy to follow, even if you don’t understand first time he has the patience to explain it again. He is a caring driving instructor; if it wasn’t for him I would never have been able to complete my driving test, as on the day he had to fight my corner with the test centre as they wanted to cancel my driving test for no apparent reason, even though it had been booked 6 weeks previous. I would recommend Andy to any new learner driver.
Ashley Kevin | Huyton.
Catherine McGlashan for Liz.
I would just like to pass on my sincere thanks to Liz at Insight 2 Drive for all her help and encouragement that helped me so much with passing both my theory and practical driving test FIRST TIME.
Catherine McGlashan | Garston | Liverpool.
Phil Naylor for Liz.
I just wanted to pass on my thanks to Liz. I started my driving lessons about 7 months ago and she guided me through my theory, to passing my practical test first time! I am really happy to have had such a positive learning experience with her, and would recommend her to absolutely anyone! Thanks so much. I have now just taken my pass plus with Simon and he was excellent. A definite asset. I had a great time and will recommend him to anyone. Thanks again.
Phil Naylor | Huyton | Liverpool.
Galiya Khasanova for Simon.
I just wanted to pass my thanks to Simon, who helped me a lot to prepare for my driving test. I passed it only with 3 minors from the first time on 30/04. Thank you very much!
Galiya Khasanova |Liverpool.
Silke Weischede for Andy.
Just to drop you a line and say thank you for helping me building confidence in driving and loosing the insecurity and fear in and of traffic. Me, the little Yaris and SatNav made successful trips to Leeds and Newcastle, and it feels great! Although the SatNav brought me into difficult situations (I only mention Leeds City Centre with this horrible loop traffic lane…) I stayed calm and tried to be safe. Sometimes it is difficult to react to aggressive drivers (especially in roundabouts when people try to cut lanes), and I then get a bit nervous, but otherwise it is so much better! Motorways are OK now after all the miles I have done on them. I even can drive with passengers now without me fearing for their safety. The only thing that still bothers me is parking, So, just to say thank you and hope you are OK! Cheers, Silke.
Silke Weischede | Wavertree.
Linda Conlan for Kathy.
Just wanted to say a really big thank you for all your hard work and help. You kept me sane when I wanted to give up and felt I’d never achieve passing my driving test. You’re the best!! Love Linda. x
Linda Conlan | Bootle.
James Knox for Kathy.
“Hi Kathy, I am just e-mailing you to thank you for all the help you provided me with in enabling me to pass my driving test, and especially for being so patient with the bay parking. Will speak to you soon concerning the pass plus scheme, thanks again, safe driving.
James Knox | Mossley Hill.
Stuart Owens for Kathy.
Hello Kathy, you marvellous woman, just sending a note to say thank you for all your help, advice and patience it was a very educational, confidence boosting experience. I would recommend you to anyone who was nervous about their driving skills an hour with you in my experience was more valuable than about six hours spent with another driving instructor. Once again thanks, Stuart.
Stuart Owens | Norris Green.
I had 3 hour lessons a week
I have passed my driving test 1st time today ! I had 3 hour lessons a week which was 90 minutes each session. It took me 5 months to pass and I couldn’t of done it without Leanne! I couldn’t of asked for a better instructor, she literally done everything she could so I would feel confident in driving and doing it safely! I would recommend Leanne anyone because I know she would look after them and help them aswell as she done for me !!! Thank you again!!
Sophie x

Thanks so much for taking the time to write in.


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