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Driving Instructor Special Offers

Driving Instructor Special OffersFree Consultation with Kathy Higgins Dip DI.

Kathy is keen to make sure you are making the correct decision about becoming a driving instructor in the first place, let alone knowing what training establishment to train with.  Make sure you watch the 4 You Tube episodes she has made, which will hopefully, answer all your questions.  Then you can book a no obligation 60 minute consultation before you part with any money for your ADI training.  To find out more about Kathy visit her web page. During the consultation Kathy will answer any questions you have about becoming a driving instructor  and more importantly make sure it is right for you.  She is keen for you to do your research and hopefully, see through any ‘sales talk’. Being a driving instructor is not just about teaching people to drive, you will be running your own business as well, even if you join a franchise, you are still responsible for making sure you make a profit. Remember, there are different franchise schools to join, some offering little more than a lead referral service and leaving the rest to you, to the ones who will support and work with you to help you become a success in business and pass you converted leads.

 Kathy will make sure you have all the facts even if you decide to train with another training establishment.


Pay as you Go Driving Instructor Training.

If you want to train to become a driving instructor; but you don’t have a lump sum of money, then we can offer you a pay as you go option.  These are priced at £80 per 1 to 1 training session which lasts 2 hours. You can then decide what driving instructor training you want to pay for.  However, we will not rush you though the part 3 training as this is where you need to invest both your time and money.

Half Price Business Coaching with Kathy Higgins Dip DI.

Kathy is an award winning business woman, who has grown Insight 2 Drive from its conception in 2007 to what it is today, she has made many mistakes along the way, trusted people she would have been wise not to, and lost lots of hard earned money.  She now offers confidential business and personal coaching.  She is passionate about business and wants to be able to help you avoid this mistakes she has made in the past.

So you want to become a driving instructor?

Still not sure if becoming a driving instructor is for you? Take advantage of our free to watch videos, below is the 4 You Tube Channel episodes, take time to watch all four. There is also more information on our driving Instructor training page.

Part 1 Mike starts the questioning

Part 2 Barbara has questions she would like answered

Part 3 Barbara asks about a trainee licence

Part 4 Mike has some final questions

Remember, if changes outside of your business are happening faster than the changes inside your business then you are in trouble!



Wow on a Wednesday... Another driving test pass for Jackie, Well done Jack, keep the skills and always enjoy...

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