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Prices for Driving Lessons

Compare prices for driving lessons

Price is what you pay; value is what you get.

At Insight 2 Drive we have a number of driving lesson packages for you to choose from.  However, when comparing prices for driving lessons  please make sure you compare like with like.  There are cheaper driving lessons around, but remember you are not buying driving lessons as individual items.  You may be paying for your driving lessons one at a time, but logically one driving lesson on its own is of no use to anyone learning to drive, so please calculate the possible cost of the full course. The DVSA tell us that it takes, on average, 45 hours of tuition with plenty of private practice in order for you to pass the modern driving test; we get most of our learner drivers though well below this.  However, if you only take lessons now and again it will take longer to learn.   We offer you the Following Choices:
  • Our unique Premium Flat Rate Course.
  • Full Driving Courses, sometimes called intensive driving courses or crash courses.
  • Block Booking for Discounts on your Driving Lessons.
  • Individual Driving Lessons.

You can pay for any lessons using a BACS payment to:
Insight 2 Drive – Clients Account| 08-92-50 | 68115610 

Individual Driving Lessons in Liverpool.

1 Hour Driving Lesson

Buying your driving lessons one at a time is a great way to budget for your driver training, however please make sure you are committed and have budgeted for them, taking driving lessons and then cancelling them due to lack of money could simply be a waste of money: save up and do it properly. You have the choice to take one lesson a week or even one a fortnight.

1 Hour Driving Lesson | £25.00

1.5 Hour Driving Lesson

A lot of learner drivers prefer to have a 90 minute driving lesson, this can help you pass your driving test quicker, but remember it is not for everyone, you and your instructor will know best, if you feel it is too much for you, simply go back to 1 hour driving lessons.

1.5 Hour Driving Lesson | £37.00

2 Hour Driving Lesson or a Mock Driving Test

A lot of learner drivers also take 2 hour driving lessons. You can use this to get your driving assessed, even if you are not currently training with us, you might just want a second opinion, or use it as a mock practical driving test.

2 Hour Driving Lesson | £48.00

Block Bookings for Driving Lesson Discounts

Save up to £££ on block booking your driving lessons, this will allow you flexibility of having a number of driving lessons a week or just one driving lesson a week. We feel having a one and half hour driving lesson twice a week is the best way to learn to drive for most people. You could give it a try and if it is too much then you can drop back to one hour a week, we will work around you.


10 Hours of Driving Lessons | £240.00

20 Hours of Driving Lessons | £470.00

30 Hours of Driving Lessons | £660.00

Enough money for driving Lessons

Full Driving Lesson Pass Courses, including test fees.

Our Intensive Driving Courses can take the crash out of crash courses!  Any package below can be purchased as an intensive driving course; or taken one at a time; we will simply fit in with you. If you do book an intensive driving course you will be able to take your driving test at your local driving test centre, watch out for the intensive driving courses where you end up taking your driving test in a remote driving test centre.  It is best to have your driving test booked first and fit the intensive driving course around this date. WARNING!  Intensive driving courses are not for every learner driver, they are not the best way to learn a skill for life or a lifesaving skill. Ring us now for a no obligation chat.

The Bronze Pass Package of Driving Lessons

This is a course of 15 one hour driving lessons which is ideal to get you a head start on your driving lessons, it can also be used if you already have the basics sorted and just want to simply get driving.


15 hours of driving lessons.

Mock Driving Test (2 hours).

1 Practical Driving Test (worth £62).

1 Hour Driving Lesson on the Day of the Driving Test.

Hiring your Driving Instructors Car for the Driving Test.

Bronze Driving Lesson Package | £487.00

The Silver Pass Package

This is a course of 25 hours of driving lessons is ideal for those who have done some driving lessons already and want to get back on the track to a full driving licence.


25 Hours of driving lessons.

Mock Driving Test (2 hours).

1 Practical Driving Test (worth £62).

1 Hour Driving Lesson on the Day of the Driving Test.

Hiring your Driving Instructors Car for the Driving Test.

Silver Driving Lesson Package | £687.00

The Gold Pass Package

This is a full course of 45 hours of driving which is ideal for those who have just started to learn to drive; and it is the DVSA recommended amount of driving lessons for safe driving for life.


45 Hours of Driving Lessons.

Mock Driving Test (2 hours).

1 Practical Driving Test.

1 Hour Driving Lesson on the Day of the Driving Test.

Hiring your Driving Instructors Car for the Driving Test.

Gold Driving Lesson Package | £1137.00

The Platinum Pass Package | An exclusive premium flat rate package

Yes that’s right! No more wondering how much more money it will cost you to learn to drive, just a simple one off payment. If you have already taken advantage of one our introductory offers then we will refund you after you have moved on to the premium package.


Unlimited driving lessons.

Up to 2 practical driving tests included in the price.

One off payment.

First option of any extra availability in your instructors' diary.

Free "Highway Code".

Free "Driving the Essential Skills".

Mock test conducted by Kathy Higgins Dip DI.

Free 1 to 1 test nerves session, not available with any other package.

Full Premium Flat Rate Package | £1600.00


This package is ONLY available to 8 pupils at any one time.

Terms and Conditions Apply.


So how many driving lessons will you need?

The number of driving lessons required to pass the UK driving test will vary from learner driver to learner driver.  The above descriptions are for guidance only, your personal driving instructor will advise you fully.  Remember, Insight 2 Drive promise to make sure you only have the driving lessons you need and we will not try and sell you more, or string you along just for the fun of it.  Please take time to check our Learner Driver Charter. Remember, if you pay for a driving course through us and you do not gel with your instructor, we will swap you to another one or refund any lessons you have not taken.  (We can only do this easily if you have paid us directly).  

“The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory.”



Wow on a Wednesday... Another driving test pass for Jackie, Well done Jack, keep the skills and always enjoy...

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