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Learner Driver Code

Learner Driver Policy

The Insight 2 Drive Learner Charter.

Looking after you at every stage of your learning.

When you choose to learn to drive with us you have a whole team of driving instructors and office staff to support you, there will be always someone here for you to talk to.  We will help you to learn to drive quickly & easily and have lots of fun on the way. We really do want you pass your driving test first time and usually we achieve!  But, ultimately we want you to become a safe, and most of all, a skilled driver. It is also important that you are having fun while learning to drive and that you feel comfortable and confident with your driving instructor, we always strive to match you up to the best driving instructor for you.  If, for some reason you do not hit it off with one of our team, we will swap you to another one of our driving instructors, no questions asked.

Learning to drive should be fun!

We promise to…

Get you the earliest possible driving test date, as soon as you are ready to pass your driving test.
We usually have a waiting list, especially for evenings and weekends, so it benefits us as well to get you ready to pass your driving test quickly.

Design a driving course with you that matches your specific needs, from your very first driving lesson through to your practical driving test pass. 
As you know we are all different and prefer to learn things in our own way, we will work with you and use the techniques suitable for you. This is what can make learning fun! 

Support you by using the training aids and methods that suit you as in individual learner.  We have lots of ways you can practice your theory test and we will use training aids, such as, drawings, demonstrations, talk through, coaching, photos and we are even working on our very own videos for you. 

Not pick up any other learner driver during your driving lessons, unless you are following our co-operative learning programme.  Picking up other learners can lead you to simply having to pay for more driving lessons, all our driving lessons are centered on you!  We can then simply pick you up,  go to the training area we need to use for the planned lesson you want to do, then drop you off again with no diversions. 

Clearly plot your progress using our personal learning log which will be filled in at the end of each driving lesson. 
We use our very own ‘individual learning plan’ to plot your progress with you, so that you can see at a glance where you are up to. 

Give you the full driving lesson time you have paid for. 
Your driving lessons with us will be at least one hour long, unless of course you need to do less.  We will not cut a lesson short, even if we happen to turn up late.  If you have to finish a lesson, that has started late, we will simply factor in the missing minutes to your next lesson. 

Not conduct any of our personal business during your driving lesson.
The driving lesson you have paid for is all yours, we will not use any of this time for ourselves, you pay us for a service and that is what you will get.
We don’t even answer the phone!

Act professionally at all times and be courteous and considerate to you.
We will not use inappropriate language, speak down to you, shout at you or make you feel bad in any way; we promise you will not get our life story either!

Avoid all physical contact with you (except in an emergency).
We will not touch you in any way, unless we have to take control of the car.

Not use a mobile phone during your driving lesson unless it is in an emergency or for your benefit.
Any Driving instructor, who uses a mobile phone while you are driving, even if the keys are just in the ignition, is breaking the law!  We find it rude for a driving instructor to even be on a hands free device while you are paying them for their time.  So in a nut shell, we will not be using the time you have paid us for to conduct other business. 

Always be on time at the agreed meeting point, (subject to unforeseen circumstance beyond your driving Instructor’s control.)
We will try our very best to always be on time for you, however, there may be times it is unavoidable.  If we are held up by something beyond our control, we will ring you and let you know. Give you plenty of notice should a driving lesson need to be rescheduled (subject to circumstances beyond your driving Instructor’s control.) We will let you know as soon as we can if we need to reschedule a driving lesson; this is usually down to illness, car problems, road closures or bad weather.

We want you to enjoy your training and learn to drive as quickly as you can, and get you a first time pass on your driving test.

Your Insight 2 Drive Driving Instructor will always have:

  • A driving school car that will be dual controlled, clean, fully insured and properly maintained.
  • Their ADI licence to teach on show for your inspection. It is in fact illegal to give driving instruction without one on show.
  • Signed the Insight 2 Drive comprehensive code of conduct.
  • A written complaints procedure (should you ever need it).

But most of all we will:

  • Not shout at you.
  • Not blame you for any mistakes you might make.
  • Not make you feel bad or undervalued.
  • Give you lots of choice during your driving lessons.
  • Use Client Centered Learning as preferred by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency.

A copy of our complaints procedure can be downloaded from the link below should you ever need it.

Our Director, Kathy Higgins Dip DI, will always be happy to help should you have any concerns.

Follow this link to our complaints procedure



Wow on a Wednesday... Another driving test pass for Jackie, Well done Jack, keep the skills and always enjoy...

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