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Leanne Condliff DSA ADI

Leanne Condliff, Professional Driving Instructor, St Helens Liverpool All about Leanne…Leanne has been driving for over 15 years, passing her own driving test first time. Her past experience has included being a Director of Publicity for two small record companies in Liverpool. She enjoyed her experience shaking the hands of many professional music gurus and experts and has even worked on music videos!

After returning to law for a number of years, Leanne decided to do what she loved the most; teaching and driving! Leanne said “A mixed bag you would say, but I do not regret a thing!!” Her strengths of being patient, motivated and learning others to reach a higher expectation is ideal for her current job role. Leanne is currently a grade 5 driving instructor. Leanne is looking for individuals who would like no nonsense, competent driving tuition. She has been trained to coach and help build your confidence up on the road, in order to help you successfully achieve your goals in the time period that you choose. She is also very flexible and can work around your everyday needs to help you build your experience and successfully pass your driving test

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Leanne’s Success Gallery.
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  • Margaret Devaney
  • Matthew Dutton
  • Melanie Hooker
  • Nicola Bartlett
  • Sophie Munroe
  • Tom O Driscoll
  • anthony shaw LC
  • i passed my driving test stuart taggart LC
  • jessica doyle LC
  • leanne condliffe pass 13
  • lisa quinn LC
  • scott creevy  Test pass LC



Wow on a Wednesday... Another driving test pass for Jackie, Well done Jack, keep the skills and always enjoy...

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