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Kathy Higgins Dip DI

Kathy Higgins DIp DI, Professional Driving Instructor, Liverpool

All about Kathy… Kathy Higgins  DIP DI is the Director of Insight 2 Drive and an award winning business women, however, she is still very much hands on and has her feet firmly on the ground. Kathy is also a fully qualified grade 6 driving instructor. She is happily married to Brian and has a daughter Emily. Kathy is very keen on Continued Professional Development for driving instructors; she has both done and delivered many ADI courses herself. She has in fact won an award for her services to CPD. Kathy is currently helping other driving instructors reach their full potential as ADIs and as a business person. Kathy founded Insight 2 Drive in 2007 and has personally trained all the Insight 2 Drive instructors, most of them from scratch. She chairs the Insight monthly team meetings and always shares her experience and knowledge with her team of driving instructors. It is easy think that with all her qualifications and standing within the driver trainer industry that she might be a bit unapproachable, but nothing could be further from the truth. Kathy is very down to earth and prides herself on making coaching and training fun and easy, especially the ADI Part 3 driving instructors test, she says ” I have helped many trainee driving instructors understand how easy the ADI part 3 test can be. Even though they may have been told it is really hard to pass part 3″. Kathy offers you her personal guarantee that you will enjoy your time with Insight 2 Drive, whether you are a learner driver, a potential driving instructor, a fully qualified instructor or a business driver. The whole insight 2 Drive team are behind your success. Kathy values her family life enormously so her evening and weekend work is limited.

Just For Fun…

Click on one of the questions below to reveal the answer…

Q1. If you had to go in the big brother house, what item would you take in with you?

Laptop Iphone IpadMy Phone, Lap top and iPad

Q2. If you were a car, what would you be?

Ford CapriFord Capri

Q3. What is your favourite colour?

Red PaintRed

Q4. What is your favourite food?

Peking DuckPeking Duck

Q5. What did you do before becoming a driving instructor?

Kathy HigginsSales Rep

Q6. If you enter a room with three other people and there are only three chairs, what would you do?

Musical ChairsStand up and deliver some sort of presentation

Q7. What has been your most interesting moment, while on a driving lesson?

Kissing In A CarPulling up to do a reverse park, only to find the two people in the car we where about to reverse around were getting rather passionate

Q8. What has been your best, personal achievement so far?

Family LoveBeing part of a loving family

Q9. Did you pass your driving test first time?

Driving Test FailNo, I passed my driving test third time, in Garston

Q10. What hobbies do you have?

Church Bell RingingChurch bell ringing, when I get the chance anyway!

Kathy’s Success Gallery.

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  • Brian Ramsey Driving Instructor
  • I passed my driving test becky lamb KH
  • IMG_0760
  • jackie bradley passed her adi test


Wow on a Wednesday... Another driving test pass for Jackie, Well done Jack, keep the skills and always enjoy...

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