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Spotting Illegal Driving Instructors


Why should you be bothered about Illegal Driving Instructors?

What should you look for? Illegal driving instructors | are they working in your area?

It is important, particularly in today’s society, that you know who is teaching you, your son, daughter or loved one to drive.  After all, would you get into an unlicensed taxi cab?  So why take driving lessons with anyone other than a fully licensed driving instructor.

So what should you look for?

By law all licensed driving instructors have to display their personal ADI licence clearly in the front windscreen of their car, or your car if you are taking driving lessons in your own car. 

The driving instructor’s licence could be either of the following:

  • a pink plastic square with a triangle on it.  This means that the driving instructor is a trainee driving instructor and is not yet fully qualified.  This trainee licence is usually only valid for 6 months.
  • a green plastic square with an octagon on it.  This means that they are a fully qualified driving instructor.

The shapes should be visible from the outside of the car. The inside of the licence shows a photograph of the driving instructor and the expiry date.  It will also have the driving instructor’s name and their ADI number on it.

There is no excuse for a driving instructor not to show you their
ADI licence.

In fact there is a fine of up to £1000 if they get caught not displaying it while giving a driving lesson for money or monies worth.  Anyone can get hold of a set of dual controls, a roof sign and some training materials to make them look like a genuine driving instructor.  Do not be fooled if they say they are with a local or large driving school; if you are not sure ring the school and ask questions.   Since the 12th March 2007 all driving instructors have had to undergo an enhanced Criminal Records Bureau check.

No licence on show? | Ask questions!

If you or your loved ones happen to be learning to drive with an illegal driving instructor, then you need to know the risks and ask yourself theses 10 simple questions:

  1. Has this person passed the DSA enhanced CRB check?
  2. Does this person have an undesirable history?
  3. Has this person got adequate car insurance?
  4. Has this person actually passed any driving qualifications?
  5. Has this person passed any teaching qualifications?
  6. Does this person have public liability insurance?
  7. Does this person have professional indemnity insurance?
  8. Is this person’s car fully maintained?
  9. Is this person teaching you the modern way to drive?
  10. Has this person already failed the driving instructor tests?

To sum up, here is what to look for:

A pink or green square licence that is on show at all times in the windscreen.
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All Professional driving Instructors have had to go through a rigorous training and testing system and will be continually re-tested and CRB checked.  They will be more than happy for you to see their ADI licence.

If you have any doubts about whether a driving instructor is teaching you to drive
legally or not,

please call :The Driving Standards Agency (GB) 02920 581155
In Northern Ireland you can contact Driver & Vehicle Agency 028 905 47933

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