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How To Pass Your Driving Test

Phone call asking if ready for test

Keep reading to see how to pass your driving test first time!

Please take a few moments to read though this page and answer the quick quiz questions below.  This will help you decide if you are ready to pass your driving test or not.

  If you are still not sure whether you are ready to pass your driving test, just contact us, we will be only too happy help you.  You could even take advantage of a no obligation driving assessment, even if you are with another driving school and don’t want to change, you might just want a second opinion.  Contact us now for details:

When you are ready to take either your theory test or practical driving test you will know, your driving instructor can also help you with your decision. So let’s have a look at both tests.

Am I ready to pass driving theory test

Going through the questions and answers for the theory test can be relativity easy; you just have to have a good memory.  You can even pass the theory test by guessing the answers, as you have a 1 in 4 chance of getting the correct answer on most of the questions.

This is where it can go wrong.New drivers who had not studied the subject enough can take longer to learn to driver and pass their practical driving test. It is far better to study properly so that you have all the knowledge you need, not only to pass the driving test, but also to keep you skilled and safe on our roads.

You can start your theory training even before you are 17 so that you will have some knowledge before you start your driving lessons. It is also beneficial to do a few driving lessons before you put in for your theory test. Learning to drive at the same time as studying for your theory test will enable you to put the theory into practice on your driving lessons and ask your driving instructor any questions you might have.  This will only create a better understanding of driving theory and give you a better chance of passing the Theory Test first time!

I am ready for my driving test

Most students, as well as their parents, if they are paying for driving lessons, are keen to take their practical driving test as soon as possible. The most common reason for failing the driving test is taking it before you are fully ready.  In order to save money some pupils put in for their test too early, and some even manage to pass!  This can result in making expensive mistakes while out driving alone.

Our Director, Kathy Higgins says “The driving test today is nothing like the one I took 30 plus years ago; it is not the same test as the one I took my first learner driver to 20 years ago.  The driving test today is much longer and much more complicated.  Learners have to drive to a much higher standard than I did for my driving test!  It is unfortunate that many parents still think 10 lessons will be enough!”

Remember, the driving examiner will be deciding if you are skilled enough to drive, unaccompanied, through busy city centres, around schools and on motorways. They have to be sure you will be safe.

Try Our Quick Quiz

Ask yourself the following questions and be sure you answer them honestly:

1. Can you operate all the controls, when required, without any prompting? This includes gears, handbrake, indicators and windscreen wipers amongst others.

A) Yes.
B) Most of the time.
C) No, my driving instructor is still telling me.

2. Can you cope with every situation you meet on your driving lessons, including rural roads, dual carriageways, roundabouts, town traffic etc.?

A) Yes.
B) Most situations, but the odd thing still worries me.
C) No, I still need instruction from my driving instructor.

3. Does your driving instructor ever need to reach across and use any of the controls to keep you and the car safe?

A) No, not any more.
B) Occasionally.
C) On most driving lessons.

4. Can you complete all the manoeuvres without any prompting and with full observations?

A) Yes.
B) Usually, but I still occasionally clip the kerb or end up wide.
c) I still find manoeuvres difficult.

5. Do you feel that you sometimes hold up the traffic behind you?

A) No, I keep up with the traffic flow, but without breaking the speed limit.
B) Sometimes I still stall, or seem to take ages to get up to speed.
C) I feel like traffic seems to get frustrated with me, and sometimes people try to overtake me.

6. Are you comfortable driving at 60 or 70 mph, in traffic?

A) Yes and I am happy to overtake when necessary.
B) Usually, but I’m still a little nervous of overtaking.
C) I’m still not happy at these speeds.

If you have answered all ‘A’s, then you are probably ready to take your driving test.  If there are one or maybe two ‘B’s in there, ask your driving instructor about booking the driving test.  The waiting lists can be 6 or 7 weeks in some driving test centres, so there will be plenty of time to improve before your driving test.  If there are more than 2 ‘B’s or any ‘C’s, then you are not quite ready to take your practical driving test yet.

If you are trying to get though your driving test quickly and looking to save money on driving lessons, please read on:

If you fail your driving test, then you will need to book another one, it will cost you £62. You may also need some more driving lessons to correct what may have gone wrong during the test or at least to keep fresh.  Your skills can fall back if you go sometime without driving.

Taking into account the long waiting times for driving tests.  Let’s also assume that you take 2 hours per week for 7 weeks between your driving tests, totalling £280, based on £20 per hour.  You will also need to pay for 2 hours on the driving test day itself.

Therefore, the real cost of a failed test is £280 + £40 + £62 = £382.  £382 can buy you an extra 20 driving lessons before your test, thus preparing you for solo driving.

Even if we cut the training down to 1 hour a week for just 4 weeks, this will cost you £80 + £40 + £62 = £182,  still an extra 9 lessons!

Insight 2 Drive Assurance.

None of the driving instructors at Insight 2 Drive will tell you that you are not ready to take your driving test when you are; we usually have a waiting list of learners waiting to take lessons with us, so it is not in our best interest to hold you back.

Please remember that driving is a skill for life, and that the road can be very dangerous place, especially if you are not sure what you are doing.  Your driving licence has cost money to obtain.  You have to appreciate that driving lessons are an investment for life, an investment in a skill for modern living.  The amount of money spent on learning to drive is a small amount compared to actually owning a car.

Written by Simon Brown DSA ADI.

How to Pass your Driving Test

Final Warning!

Only book your driving Theory Test or your Practical Driving Test through | The Official DVSA Web Site.



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