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Fleet Driver Training

Fleet Driving

Driving for better business.

Keep your employees safe.

Below is a list of just some of the driver training courses we can offer you.  However, most companies take advantage of our free consultation which enables us to discuss your company’s needs.  We often create bespoke courses around the challenges you face.

  •  Paperwork Audit, Driver Licence Checks and Review of your Driving Policy.
  •  Production of a New Driving Policy.
  •  Classroom Workshops, Challenging Attitude & Behaviour.
  •  Driver Risk Assessments.
  •  Full or Half Day in Car Driver Training.
  • Remember, It is not what drivers CAN do that matters, it is what they are willing to do, when no one is watching, that matters more.

    Fleet Paperwork Audit.

    This is a paperwork audit on your fleet, which involves:
    • Driver licence checks.
    • Vehicle check sheets.
    • Driving policy review.
    • Accident/incident reporting sheets.
    • Driver risk assessment logs.

    We will ensure you have an accurate and adequate paper trail for your drivers’ health and safety needs. If you do not have all or any of the above we can create them for you.

    Fleet Driving Policy.

    It is your legal duty as an employer to ensure the health and safety of all your employees while they drive for work.  Health and safety does apply to “Driving for Work”.  It is important that you at least have a driving policy; this will ensure all drivers know what is expected from them while representing your company on the road.  The Police now have the ability to stop drivers and issue on the spot fines and points for ‘careless or inconsiderate driving’.   So if you do not have a policy in place we will write one for you, this can be a very cost effective first step in your duty of care.

    Key point: There are lots of vehicles, including privately owned cars, fitted with cameras and lots of footage is winding its way on to social networking sites, which could show your company logo!

    Driver Classroom Workshops.

    Our trainers use coaching and mentioning techniques in the classroom, coupled with accelerated learning techniques allows the drivers to get involved and feel they still have choice!  There is little point in simply telling fleet drivers what to do or how to behave on the road.  Using coaching to challenge attitude and belief can create both awareness and responsibility.  A good driver will have a deep sense of social responsibility; it is a social activity we engage in while driving, we are usually surrounded by other road users, it is very rare to get the road completely to ourselves.  Our driver classroom workshops are usually conducted over half a day and can accommodate up to 25 drivers at a time.  The workshops can be delivered in our Liverpool office or at your premises.  Simply give us a call now to discuss.

    The ABC of Driving
    But with the choices we make we must take responsibility for the possible consequences!

    Driver Risk Assessments.

    If you want to enhance your corporate and social responsibility, you can start by encouraging your drivers to drive in a safe and economical way this will reduce your impact on the environment.

    Risk assessments can be done initially on paper, which is very cost effective.  We can then take this information along with the driver’s personal driving history to create a risk index which will indicate if any further action needs to be taken.

    We can take the stress away from you, and do this for you.

    More thorough risk assessments can be done on road.  During the on road assessments drivers tend to be on their best behaviour and drive as they know they should drive.  So it is far better to conduct an in car coaching session, lasting half a day, this way the driver has time to relax and be themselves on the road, thus giving the trainer more time to use reflective coaching.

    Full or Half Day in Car Driver Training.

    This training can be done as a standalone driving course, however, is best done after a classroom workshop. This way the drivers will be able to reflect on the knowledge they have just gained during the workshop. They can also put into practice some of the techniques discussed during the workshop.   This driver training can be done as a 1 to 1 or 2 to 1.  We try our best to train in all 4 driving environments urban roads, rural roads, motorways and in car parks.  A typical driver training day will usually follow the following format:

    1. Presentation.
    2. Training Vehicle Audit.
    3. Drivers Eyesight Check.
    4. Driver Licence Check.
    5. On Road Assessment.
    6. Trainers Demonstration Drive, if required.
    7. On Road Driver Development Training.
    8. Driver Training Reports.
    9. Drivers Feedback Reports and Goal Setting.
    10. Certificates for all Drivers and written reports submitted within 7 days.
    Contact us now for your FREE one hour consultation.

    Liverpool: 0151 909 3474
    St Helens: 01744 778 544
    Runcorn: 01928 237 411
    Wigan: 01942 410 233

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