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Driving Lessons Whiston

Driving Lessons Whiston Pointer

Experienced Insight 2 Drive Instructors run Driving Lessons Whiston

Insight 2 Drive have a team of successful experienced fully qualified driving instructors ready and waiting to give you driving lessons Whiston. With years of experience developing tailor made packages for learner drivers you will becomes competent and confident in you driving reaching a point where a test examiner will feel you are safe enough to drive on your own or to take passengers, giving you your full licence. Driving lessons Whiston are not just for people that are learning to drive for the first time. Insight 2 Drive also offers refresher courses and courses for people who are planning to take up the mantle of Driving Instructor themselves. You will follow a planned logical structure ensuring you master one skill before another is added. Encouragement, support and guidance are always there should you find you are struggling with any particular area, and advise is offered while skills are being developed. As you become more confident and your abilities grow, the instruction will become less. You need to enjoy your successes and learn quickly from your mistakes and before you know it you will have taken and passed your test.

Your driving lessons Whiston will be run by professional who;

  • Will Not answer the phone while you are driving
  • Will Not smoke in the car you are learning in
  • Will Not shout at you
  • Will Not have you running errands as part of you lessons
  • Will Not bring their children or pet on lessons
  • Will Not cut your lesson short
If you ever have an issue that concerns you please contact one of our numbers and speak to us. If you want to save some money on your insurance once you have passed your test you can take the Pass Plus course, giving you experience in new situations which in turn pleases the insurance companies, so the offer you lower premiums.


Wow on a Wednesday... Another driving test pass for Jackie, Well done Jack, keep the skills and always enjoy...

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