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Driving Instructor Training


So you’re Interested in Driving Instructor Training?

Read the ADI Training facts.

Trying to decide if becoming a driving instructor is for you is one thing, but knowing who to train with can be a minefield!  Picking the right trainer for you is essential if you are going to be successful, not only in passing your ADI tests but in becoming a successful ADI.  You will be essentially running your own business, even if you choose to join a franchise.

At Insight 2 Drive, we pride ourselves in looking after you as an individual, and tailoring the training around you.  All the training you pay for is done 1 to 1, so the whole focus of the session is on you.  Our part 3 training course is also 44 hours long; this enables us to teach you all the elements of good driver training.  We do not need on the pre set tests you have to take, as we simply teach you to become a great instructor!

After you pass your driving instructor tests with you, we will offer you a free 2 hour business consultation to back up all the business guidance we will have already given you.  We will look at your goals and give you options that may work for you, as joining a franchise is not for everyone, as is going alone and marketing yourself against the rest of the competition.

We are always here to support you once you have passed with us, if you do decide joining our franchise is right for you, we will offer you the very best support.  If it is not right for you to join us then we will still have things in place to help you.

Do not put it off for another day!

Give us a ring now and arrange a free 90 minute consultation
to see if we are right for you.

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This information is to outline the qualification process of becoming an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor). It is not intended to replace the information that can be obtained from the government.  To find out further information on becoming a driving instructor an information pack “Your Road to becoming a Driving Instructor” is available from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency by visiting their website


You must have held a licence to drive cars for a period of four years out of the previous six years.  The four years must be continuous.  An EEC licence can count towards this period as can some other countries; further information on the countries that can exchange driving licences for UK ones can be obtained from the DVLA. An automatic driving licence can also count towards the total.

Character References

Two character references must be provided when you make your driving instructor application to the register.  These references must not be from relatives or partners.  They must be from two people who have a reasonable knowledge of your character.  The DSA make spot checks on the references provided.  You will be expected to undergo a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check (previously CRB checks).  Please note the DVSA are still calling them CRB Checks.

Fit and Proper Person

Any offence and conviction will be taken into account when considering your suitability to be entered on the driving instructor register.  These offences do not only refer to motoring offences and convictions.  These offences must still be in force; not spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

Age Limit

Legislation dictates that you must be over twenty-one and hold a correct driving licence for the vehicle for a period of three years before you can accompany a person learning to drive. There is no upper age limit.

Disabled Applicants

Disabled people can apply to enter the driving instructor register.  An application can be made to provide driving tuition in automatic cars only.  This is only available to drivers whose licence is restricted to automatics because of disability.  The qualifying ADI examinations will be exactly the same as outlined on the ‘Examinations’ page.  An ‘Emergency Control Certificate’ must be obtained before a disabled candidate can apply for ADI part one driving instructors test.  Information on how to obtain this certificate can be obtained from MAVIS at Crowthorne, Berkshire. There is more information concerning the fitting of additional controls to the passenger side on the booklet ‘Your Road to Becoming an ADI’.  An additional point is that your disability must not affect your ability to turn and look directly out of the rear window when reversing the vehicle.  The use of mirrors is not acceptable for this purpose.

Skills required to become a Driving Instructor

Becoming a driving instructor requires a high standard of driving ability and a sound knowledge of the subjects related to teaching others to drive and must be able to apply these abilities. Teaching others to drive includes being knowledgeable about:
  • How to teach.
  • How people learn.
  • How to assess the performance of others.
  • Communication.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Running a profitable business.


The qualification examination is in three parts:
  • A computer based theory test. (Part one).
  • A practical test of your driving ability. (Part two).
  • A practical test of your ability to instruct. (Part three).
You must take and pass all three parts of the driving instructors’ examination in this order and must complete the whole driving instructors’ examination within two years of passing the driving instructors’ theory test (your part one).  If you are unable to complete the driving instructors’ examinations within this time you must start again from the beginning and pass each part of the driving instructors test once again.  You can take the driving instructors theory test as many times as you wish but you are only allowed a maximum of three attempts at each of the driving instructors practical tests within each two year qualification period.

Trainee Driving Instructors Licence

You do NOT need to go on a driving instructors trainee licence to become a driving instructor; we have had more success training people to gain the full driving instructors qualification, rather than going on a driving instructors trainee licence.  The DVSA know the driving instructors’ trainee licence is not working as well as it should and apparently there is no difference between the pass rates of trainee driving instructors, who have been on a driving instructors trainee licence, compared to than those who went immediately for the driving instructors’ full qualification.

ORDIT (Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers)

The best advice we can give you is to look for an establishment that is ORDIT registered, this is the Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers.  All ORDIT registered driving instructors have been assessed by the DVSA, the inspection usually lasts for 3 hours or for the full day if 2 or more driving instructors are being assessed.  A specially trained driving examiner will inspect the premises, paperwork, driving instructors lesson plans, used for the instructor training and of course the trainers themselves.  The driving examiner will then sit in the back of the car while the trainer conducts a driving instructors' part 2 or driving instructor part 3 ADI training session.  Each driving instructor trainer will be assessed individually. The ADI Training Establishment is then given a licence and each driving instructor trainer is given a badge to be displayed in the window of their car.  All ORDIT registered establishments are re-checked every 2 years.

Dispelling the Myths about becoming a driving instructor

There are lots of information about becoming a driving instructor and also lots of myths, so rather than write it all down here, Kathy Higgins Dip DI, our director, has decided to make a series of videos, showing a typical meeting with a prospective trainee driving instructor (PDI).  Both Barbara and Mike qualified as driving instructors and Barbara is still part of the Insight 2 Drive Team.

Take a Look at these YouTube videos:

Part 1 Mike starts the questioning

Part 2 Barbara has questions she would like answered

Part 3 Barbara asks about a trainee licence

Part 4 Mike has some final questions

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