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CSR & Eco Approach

CRS-ECO Policy

Corporate and Social Responsibility & Eco Policy.

What we do to look after our environment:

As a company we are very aware that the nature of our industry and what we have to do in order to teach people to drive and improve driving skills that our carbon footprint must be huge!  However, we do everything we can to keep it as low as possible.  Some of the measures we take are as follows, and we are always working on ways to improve.

The Insight 2 Drive driving instructors are committed to driving 5 miles less a day!

You can help us achieve this by taking 2 hour driving lessons; this will cut down the travelling time between pupils.  However, we do not ‘piggy back’, this is where one pupil picks the next one up.  Doing driving lessons like this will not allow us to give you 100% attention and create driving routes which are focused on what you want to get out of the training session.  You would never ask you to be a ‘taxi’ for another pupil!

 We recycle all paper etc.

  • We encourage our learner drivers to do 1.5 or 2 hour driving lessons to cut the mileage between driving lessons.
  • We encourage classroom coaching workshops for the businesses we look after.
  • We recommend 2 to 1 on road eco-driving for businesses.
  • We always try to use the nearest trainer to you.
  • We use 2 sided printing to save paper.
  • We use the back of mail shots to print incidental or in-house documents.
  • We try to work from home as much as we can to save staff mileage.
  • If there is more we can do, please let us know.
Rather than fill this web page with text, we thought it would be better for you to download our full Corporate and Social Responsibility Report.  Simply click the link.  Read it but please don’t print it off!

Help us to help our environment by booking 2 hour driving lessons.


Follow this link to read our full CSR report.



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