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Driving into old age, when is it time to stop?

kingsboroughgdnsWhen you’re older, having your own car can mean the difference between maintaining your independence and being stuck at home, lonely and isolated. Although senior citizens get free bus passes, sometimes public transport can be unpredictable, unreliable or simply non-existent, so having your own car can seem like the best option. However, there can be some problems with keeping a car into your old age.

As you get older, there could be more and more health concerns than when you were younger. Aches and pains that occur can make car journeys too troublesome and even distract you to the point that it is dangerous for yourself if you continue to drive.

There are other problems with the deteriorating health of drivers too. Deteriorating vision is a common problem in old age and can have an awful affect on driving. Additionally, as you get older your reaction times tend to slow down. In combination your reaction times and poorer vision could result in a more dangerous situation, if a child playing in the street ran out in front of you or a car pulled out on you for example.

Eyesight can deteriorate so slowly that you might not even notice, although you might feel safe on local roads as you know these well and you can possibly predict the amount of traffic in the places closest to you from day to day, unknown journeys can be made more stressful.

If you choose to give up driving when you get older, then there are certain things you need to keep in mind to stay safe as a pedestrian. If you do need to walk on the road, remember to walk towards the oncoming traffic, you will be able to see traffic coming towards you sooner and they will see you too.
Remember our reaction times, speed of walking, judgement of speed and distance can change as we get older, so take care when crossing the road either by foot or driving across.

Satellite navigation systems – love them or hate them?

MapSatellite navigation,  more affectionately known as ‘Sat Navs’ – are now a common feature of modern-day cars. They are extremely useful if you do not have a map handy, if you cannot read a map or have no one to help you navigate. However, they can also be distracting and misleading, so you need to make sure to use them wisely and in the right ways.

First of all, drivers need to be aware that there are different types of Sat Navs available and that not all of them have the same features. The most up to date models will have features that will point out safety cameras to the driver and even what it thinks the speed limit is. Knowing the speed limit is a vital skill for a good driver, but relaying on the Sat Nav can lead you into hot water as they don’t always get it right. In fact, it is best not to trust your Sat Nav and to use it rather as advice to be taken rather than strict rules to be followed.

So why use a Sat Nav? It can be a great tool to get you round new places that you are not too familiar with, and can save you the fuel you might have used if you get lost. Also, it is safer than trying to read a map at the same time as driving. Simply programme in the route before you get underway, and follow the spoken directions. Occasional glances to the screen are fine, but it you are distracted by this put the Sat Nav where you cannot see if, but still hear it. If you take a wrong turn, do not panic! The Sat Nav will recalculate the route and tell you the right direction to go in.

However, there are reasons not to use a Sat Nav. They are considered to be a distraction so if you are distracted by the Sat Nav, if might be safer not to use it all, however they’re becoming so normal to use that some cars have them fitted as standard, and they are part of the new driving test which, at the time of writing, is being trialed. Whether or not the use of the Sat Nav will become part of the driving test, diving instructors should show their learners how to use one correctly and allow them to gain some experience on using one on a driving lesson.

Remember that Sat Navs can cause additional blind sports so putting them in the middle of your windscreen is really not a good idea, since they can obscure your view of the road. Latest crash tests have shown that in the event of a collision the Sat Navs can simply come off the windscreen on impact.

Finally one thing to always remember is that Sat Navs are not always right, especially when it comes to speed limits, they are only as good as the last bit of software that was put on them and they are no defense when issued with a speeding ticket.

Driving in Fog – when do you use your fog lights?

liverpool-20130121-00298When do you and when don’t you use your fog lights?

Well think about why you use them, are they are more to help other vehicles see you? or are they to light the road up ahead.  We think it is a bit of both.

The general rule of thumb is to use your dipped headlights and fog lights if visibility is less than 100 meters. In daylight these won’t dazzle other drivers but will show them that you are there. Remember to adjust your lights according to the changing conditions. Using your lights is not enough remember to use your demisters to keep the inside of the windows clear and your wipers for the outside, you might not even notice that it is the mist on your screen that is preventing you seeing and not just the fog.

Do not use your main beam in fog as this can dazzle others and create reflection off the fog so will impair your visibility further. As soon as you are out of the fog, turn your fog lights off. It is an offence to use them unnecessarily.

As we all know don’t follow others too closely by hanging onto their lights as their vehicle is displacing the fog so you may get the impression that the fog is not as dense as you thought.

Increase the distance between you and other road users as the roads may also be wet. If you have to overtake take extra care as the fog may be hiding oncoming vehicles that can’t see you either, after all the car in front could be heading for a collision and there is you following them!

Fog can also come with ice and snow, which can create freezing fog, your windscreen washers might not work in freezing conditions, it would be wise to avoid driving at all in these conditions.

Remember, also look for the coloured reflectors on the motorway, red is used along the hard shoulder, amber on the central reservation and green to highlight slip roads.  

If you can avoid driving in fog then do so, stay safe out there. 

Does your attitude affect your skill as a driver?

7k0a0071Your mood and attitude can alter your driving dramatically. Try not to drive when you are angry, upset or feeling unwell. If you get angry while you are driving, pull over and calm down then continue with your journey.

A driver should always be considerate to other road users including pedestrians, cyclists and motor cycles. Try to be understanding to someone driving too slowly – it may be a new driver or someone who does not know the area well. Speeding up behind them or tailgating will only fluster them and cause them to make mistakes or brake harshly, possibly resulting in you going into the back of them!

Do not allow yourself to become agitated or involved if someone is driving badly or erratically. This will only fuel the situation. The best course of action is to pull over (where it is safe and legal) calm down and continue with your journey when you feel relaxed again.

Slow down or hold back if someone “cuts you up” by pulling out of a junction in front of you or changing lane too closely. Allow them to get clear from you – do not retaliate by doing the same to them, or tailgating and flashing your lights to intimidate them.

Our attitude can also change depending on the goal for the journey, for example we if we are simply going out with friends our driving will be different than when we are driving to work. If we are late our attitude can change and we might take a few more risks in order to get there a bit quicker.

If we get our attitude right we can influence other drivers by simply showing a bit of courtesy on the roads. I am sure you will agree that if you are late and someone lets you out, it can improve your mood, so if you let other people out or at least create a bit of space for them to get into, they are now more likely to show courtesy to other drivers. However, please do not show courtesy to the point of danger, we have all seen drivers stopping in the middle of the road to allow one driver out of a side road, while holding up the 21 drivers behind them.

Remember, we all make mistakes, so let it go! Or as a good friend of mine always says “leave them with it” Good driving is as simple as ABC. Attitude, Behaviour and Choice, make sure you are looking after yours and no one else’s. It is easy to retaliate on the road by moving from our ‘adult’, mode into ‘child’ or ‘parent’. For more information on how this works Google ‘transitional analysis or ‘parent adult child’ theory.

So please stay safe and stay in ‘adult’ 🙂

Driving in the Dark – how safe are you?

Samsung TechwinWhen you are driving at night you can’t see as far ahead as in daylight. You can get help from illuminated and reflective signs, reflectors between white lines (cat’s eyes) and the glow of other vehicle headlights. Be aware of the hazards of driving at night such as misjudging distance, speed, cyclists, animals and pedestrians can be harder to see.

Never drive so fast that you can’t stop in the distance you can see to be clear in your lights. To enable you to see further you can use main beam on unlit roads unless you meet oncoming traffic or are following another vehicle. On lit roads you should use your full headlights. If you are on an unlit road and have main beam on, avoid dazzling others by switching it off during passing and then returning to full beam.

At dusk you may want to put your side lights on before “lighting up time” (when the street lights come on). Don’t be afraid to be the first driver with their lights on. Likewise at dawn the opposite applies. Don’t switch off your lights until you are sure it is safe and you can be seen easily. Why not be the last to turn off your lights, but the first to turn on. A lot of cars now have daytime running lights.

Your eyesight also plays a big part in your ability to drive at night. Have your eyes checked regularly. Keep your windows clean – clean windows cut down dazzle as they are not full of grease which can make it harder to see, straining your eyes can also lead to fatigue.

You’ll need to take extra care when overtaking at night. Only overtake if you can see the road will remain clear until after you have finished the manoeuvre and are safely back on your side of the road. Don’t overtake if there is a junction, bend, brow of a bridge or hill.

Remember to keep your distance. On a dual carriageway or motorway where it is possible to overtake, if you are overtaking on a dual carriageway only pop your full beam on when you are alongside the car you are overtaking. Don’t use full beam in the face of oncoming drivers, this will cause dazzle. If you’re being overtaken, dip your lights as soon as the vehicle has passed you.

If you are dazzled by another vehicles lights, slow down and if necessary stop. Don’t look directly at oncoming lights and don’t retaliate by leaving your lights on full beam to dazzle them back! On a left hand bend you should dip earlier as your headlights will cut straight across the eyes of anyone coming toward you temporarily blinding them.

When parking at night the same rules apply, you must not park within 10 metres of a junction, on a blind bend, and you should park facing the direction of traffic.

If you have to park on any other type of road, you should never leave your vehicle without side or parking lights unless signs indicate otherwise. You must not park on the right hand side of the road unless it is a one way street.

If you are going to stop at the side of the road for a short time always switch your headlights off even if your engine is still running, you can always leave sidelights on. If you leave your headlights drivers coming towards you will not be able to see to the side of your car properly.

Choosing the Right Car Insurance

car in deep waterWhen you drive a car, it is a legal requirement to get insurance so that, if you get into an accident, you are covered. But it’s not enough for just the car to be insured: you yourself need to be insured to drive the car, too.

This insurance also protects anyone else you get into an accident with. However, knowing exactly what sort of insurance out there is important, since there are many different types and you need to know what sort is best for you.

If you do not have insurance, you will get a minimum of 6 points on your licence which, if you are under the New Driver’s Act, will cause you to have your licence taken away. This means it is absolutely essential to get insurance and always be insured when you are driving, even for the shortest journeys. And even to park on a public road the vehicle must be insured.

You need to shop around and check what you are getting for your money. A lot of insurance can be very pricey, especially for bigger cars, and you need to make sure that you are getting the right sort of coverage when you pay for your insurance. Remember that there are types of insurance that include 3rd Party, Fire and Theft, Fully Comprehensive insurance. Think about how you use your car and what you use it for before deciding exactly what insurance you want.

Perhaps a telematics based or “Black Box” insurance would better suit your needs. With this type of motor insurance policy you will have a telematics box fitted to your car with the telematics box showing you and your insurer your driving behaviours. This can vary depending on the insurer and may generate feedback with the aim to promote safer driving. You can usually view your driving behaviour feedback at any time within an online account or via an app on your mobile phone.

Each insurer is different, some measure your driving which may result in rewards or penalties throughout the term of your policy. This could mean you may be rewarded with extra miles for demonstrating good driving behaviours or have to pay an additional premium if you have demonstrated poor driving.

Whereas some insurers don’t penalise or reward you during the term of your policy, instead they consider your driving over the year and produce a renewal based on how you have driven. If you have driven well this may reduce the cost of your insurance at renewal. It’s worth checking the terms and conditions of each insurer before deciding as they can vary, for example some insurers can have curfews on when you can’t drive and restrictions on the number of miles you can drive in a month.

If your car is stolen your box could enable your insurer to track its location and if you are involved in an accident some insurers try and contact you to see if you need assistance.

Collingwood Young Drivers provides telematics box insurance for young drivers, which has no curfews and no monthly restrictions on miles. For more information you can visit


Bad driving habits, why do they happen?

steeringWe all had to reach a certain standard of driving in order to pass our driving tests all those years ago, but since then some of us have developed bad habits when we get behind the wheel. It’s an unfortunate side effect of gaining experience, and it is definitely one that we need to try to discourage.

First of all, you need to assess whether your habits are bad, or whether they are just plain lazy. Keeping one hand resting on the handbrake or the gear stick and not replacing it on the steering wheel every time you change gear is lazy and easily fixed. Just remember it is best practice to keep your hands on the steering wheel! But other types of bad habits may not be a result of laziness.

There are many different types of bad habits. They include things like speeding, not checking all your mirrors – which includes your door mirrors and your rear view mirror, driving too close to other cars and not signalling or simply signalling too late, are also far too common. Another bad habit that many people have is putting the car into neutral before stopping.

So where do these bad habits come from? Mostly, they are caused by our bias; the “what’s worked” bias is created and fed by our superiority bias and our optimistic bias.

Our superiority bias tells us that we are better than other people; we ignore the things that show us in a negative light and concentrate only on the things that show us more positively our selective memory means that we forgive and forget the things we did badly and remember the things we have done well. At the same time we notice other people’s mistakes and failing, which means we conclude that we are much better drivers than other people.

Fuelling this is our optimistic bias; this tells us that we are much less likely to experience unpleasant events than other people. Things like health issues, crashing or being stopped by the police, so we really believe it is not going to happen to us. We are not going to lose control and have to take evasive action, so having one hand on the wheel is perfectly okay. I think you get the picture.

This brings us to the ‘what’s worked’ bias. We will simply keep doing what we have always done because it is working for us. For example if we drive above the speed limit and get to work on time and we don’t get caught, we subconsciously think “well that worked” so it goes on and on. We also learn our bad driving from other drivers. Our friends and relatives, for example we see them doing the lazy stuff and see they are getting away with it to, so it must be okay.

Once we no longer have our driving instructor in the car with us, there’s no one to correct these poor habits. There are a lot of good reasons to get rid of these bad habits, of course. Driving more skilfully can mean there are fewer collisions on the roads and can make you feel safer and more secure when you drive. It can also mean that, if you are involved in an accident, it is less likely to be your fault and you will be more likely to take the correct evasive action if you ever need to.

Keeping the good habits and skills you used to pass your driving test, will pay dividends in the long run, not only on fuel saving and less wear and tear on the car, it may also save your life. We all know how annoying a fire drill is in work or collage, but if there is ever a real fire and everyone gets out, then all the practice runs have suddenly been worth it. It is the same for driving. For example, checking the blind spot 1000’s of times without anything being there is just 1000’s practice drills for the time someone will be there and you have avoided a collision just by looking, so you will be glad you practiced!

Mobile Phones while driving, is this a modern epidemic?

Driving OffencesAs you know it is against the law to use your mobile phone for any purpose when driving unless of course you have a genuine emergency and can prove this, being late for work does not count as an emergency.

If you do need to make a 999 call and it is unsafe to stop i.e. if you are being followed, you may use your phone whilst driving but you will have to prove you where being followed, better still it would be better to keep driving until you find a populated place like a supermarket car park to stop in.

The same applies if you are supervising a leaner driver, you are legally in charge of the vehicle as the full licence holder, this includes professional driving instructors, it is illegal for them too.  I would also go as far as to say talking on hands free is not good business practice for professional instructors.

If you need to use your phone then pull over where it is safe and legal to park, turn off your engine and have your parking break applied.  I stress ‘parked up in a safe place’.  Stopping at traffic lights does not constitute parked up, it is illegal to use your phone there too. 

So why do so many people talk on the phone when getting a hands free kit is so easy, also a lot of new cars have blue tooth enabled.  But having a conversation on hands free is proving to be no safer. 

Talking on the phone is not like having a conversation with someone in the car with you. Whether we like it or not our passengers help us with the driving task. How many times have you, as a passenger, shouted “watch this pedestrian”, cyclist etc. or even gone for the imaginary brake?

Your passengers are sharing the same constantly changing, dynamic environment with you, so will always help or shut up when they feel the driving task is becoming demanding, a person on the end of the phone will not know what is happening outside the car. 

Also having a remote conversation takes a lot more cognitive ability that speaking to someone in your presence, we start to picture the things we are talking about.

Studies have shown that we simply cannot do two ‘thinking’ tasks at the same time effectively. We will ‘toggle’ task, our concentration will move from one task to another, and if your concentration is on the phone call when something capital happens the delay in your action can have fatal consequences.

Lets face it how many of us turn the radio or music off when lost or parking up?

So if we feel compelled to shut down a bit of background noise so that we can concentrate more, then how distracting can a two way conversation actually be?

Nobody has ever been killed or injured missing a phone call.

Road Deaths and Teenage Girls: Who Cares? Guest blog by Professor Peter Russell

7K0A0783Road Deaths and Teenage Girls: Who Cares?

I want you all to look at a more obscure, but incredibly important, aspect of Road Safety that has more to do with passengers than drivers. Initially it appears to be a surprising and awful statistic that young girls between the ages of twelve and sixteen are proportionately more involved in road crashes and road deaths than boys of the same age.

However, even the most cursory research will give clues to the reasons why this happens. Girls of this age group naturally go through a whole range of emotional and physical changes. They progress through the challenges of puberty and menarche; and, with the freedom that secondary education brings, find themselves overwhelmed with options to break free from parental control. The temptations on offer include smoking, shoplifting, alco-pops, soft and hard drugs, legal-highs, under-age sex, texting, sexting and riding in fast cars.

The only links are risk and the chance to cock a snook at society in general, and their parents in particular! When you ask teenage girls about ‘Personal RISK’ you will find many answers. They may not recognise the proportions of the risk, but when presented with a statement that says ‘smoking gives you cancer’. They often reply that just one cigarette cannot possibly kill you immediately and they don’t really care if they die of cancer when they get old. The unusual concept here though is that ‘old’ for a fourteen year-old is perhaps twenty-one; and certainly no more than twenty-five.

The term ‘teenage girls’ can almost be divided into two disparate extremes: those who are still comfortably under the control of their parents or guardians; and those who desperately crave the ability to shock. Regrettably, teaching them about risk, even the risk of death or serious injury, has little effect. They buy cigarette packets which are emboldened with the words ‘smoking kills’. They go shoplifting en-masse; quite often as a means of passing a peer group test. They all know other girls who have tried under-age sex and not all of them have become pregnant; and, of course, most kind of illegal drugs are readily available in almost every school playground.

So it is with riding in stolen cars or with unsafe drivers. Unlicensed drivers who steal cars know they can get away with it, without being caught, most of the time, and they know too that if (or even when) they are caught the punishment is laughable. At least it seems laughable to their friends. Even the thought of attending a court carries no great stigma. And there is nothing quite like the ‘buzz’ of driving, or being a passenger in, a car at high-speed deliberately putting their lives at risk. For impressionable young girls, sitting with an older boyfriend behind the wheel it is so easy forget or ignore a lifetime’s warnings from mums and dads. Life is fun! Isn’t it? Is there anything that parents and teachers can do?

Many Graduate Driving Instructors, who form the highest proportion of Members of I.D.E.R., have studied the problems associated with teenage girls being proportionately more involved in car crash injuries and deaths than boys of the same age. We looked at the reasons and it seems that a normal ‘educational’ approach about the risk has little or no effect. “Coming for a ride? ” holds no more fear for many teenagers than popping a pill, or getting drunk and being incapable. After all what is incapable? It is only another sensation. And you need as many sensations as you can before you get old, or even reach twenty- one. So if young girls discuss and then discard the risk as not worth worrying about, what Educational roles remain?

Shock videos in road safety television adverts, detailing the gruesome injuries and the risk of death obviously don’t work. It is easy to dis-associate yourself from unwelcome adverts. If this were not true cigarette sales amongst the young would be nil. And so would the deaths of passengers in stolen cars or those badly driven by inexperienced drivers. It is apparent that peer group pressure is one of the strongest factors that govern the lives of teenage girls. So much of everything they do and wear is the subject of what effect this will have on ‘authority’. And this is where traditional Educational approaches to changing teenagers’ behaviour fail.

Traditionally young girls prefer to seek boy friends from an age group about three to five years older than themselves. There are a number of reasons for this. Fourteen year old boys are not usually emotionally ready for relationships with girls. And when they discover this interest they find that the girls of their own age are already interested in boys who are older. Therefore they have more success with younger girls. So we have a self-perpetuating system.

There is a strong school of thought that argues that when relationships are based on couples of similar age, the female is more dominant and the male less likely to take risks. But where the boy is older the girl is happy to go along for the ride – as it were. And this is how they live – and die. Traditional lectures, mentoring and discussions on road safety, risk and changing driver behaviour do not succeed; but there may be an alternative ‘educational’ method that may work. Throughout this summer I have been involved in an International ‘Expert Think- Tank’ discussing how these unnecessary deaths and injuries can be reduced. My own view is that learning – change of behaviour – has more chance of success when personal involvement is required.. I wonder whether it would be possible to create a survey which invites girls to put their own personal ‘wish- list’ of risks into proportion. This may be too drastic for some teachers and road safety specialists who just say ‘avoid all risk’ and leave it at that. I feel that if risks could be put into context, the more responsible youngsters might decide to miss out the risks that have more immediate chances of happening. What do you think?

What can you, as Graduate Driving Instructors, do to reduce the absurd road safety statistic that means more girls in the 12-16 year-old group will be killed or seriously injured than boys of the same age. One obvious reason is that when youngsters steal cars for what they call ‘joy-riding’ and what others call car theft, the boys tend to do the driving and are marginally safer behind a steering wheel airbag than their unbelted passengers, especially those in the rear seats.

Most often the passengers tend to be girls. When crashes inevitably occur the passengers are more likely to be killed by being thrown out of bursting doors or through the windscreens than the drivers. That is the challenge; the problem is how to educate, inform, train, or bring home, the risk factors to those involved. Those who want to put the task onto teachers are dodging the real issue. The girls who are usually involved are not those who respond well in schools.

Road Safety officers would probably never touch first base with them either. However this does not mean that efforts must rest solely on the parents, although these are the ones with the greatest interest in cutting down deaths. One suggestion which I favour is to invite youngsters to discover their own views on their own personal risk, perhaps by making comparisons of various risk factors. They could be invited to compare the likelihood of dying or serious injury as a result of smoking, of taking drugs or of driving in un-safe or dangerous situations. If this is a viable method then perhaps the best way to get the message through is by using the pages of girls’ magazines, or feeding life-like story lines into some of today’s favourite television soaps.

Once upon a time most books and television stories aimed at impressionable audiences always emphasised that bad actions eventually resulted in bad reactions. If people stole cars they crashed them and died. Neither ‘Noddy’ nor ‘Mr Toad’ was ever allowed to benefit from dangerous driving. These days when youngsters steal cars in soap stories; car thieves escape punishment, either judicial or moral; and carry on as before. Even in radio programmes such as the Archers they still allow their young roughnecks to be glorified.

Their victims forgive them, in spite of fears of living with the consequences after leg amputation, etc; the culprits never change their attitudes and later on they buy cars without any worries about the problems that real people have getting satisfactory and affordable insurance cover. The reasons we have spent twelve whole months looking at this problem, before returning to our traditional themes of helping those who wish to become better Professional Driver Trainers is that we are all personally involved in finding solutions. Solutions have been offered that have baffled road safety experts and will still continue to do so – perhaps forever.

We have promoted this challenge today, in the hope that some of our readers will recognise the opportunities of reducing teenage road deaths, both boys and girls, within their own family circles and they can find solutions at their own level of this national problem.
I.D.E. R. – The INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE for DRIVER EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH – represents those Government Approved Driving Instructors who have gained University recognition as GRADUATE DRIVER TRAINERS: and was formed in 2011 to encourage a greater Educational Psychological involvement in practical Driver Training and Testing. IDER’s PreI.D.E.R. President, Professor Peter RUSSELL, a qualified and experienced Educational Psychologist; operated his own Driving School in Southampton from 1957 until 1980, when he took a Master’s degree, followed by his Doctorate; both in Advanced Driver Education. He then took on various Global Road Safety roles: initially with the International Association for Driver Education (I.V.V.); the European Union & Commission (Road Safety Advisory Committee; the UK Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety, (PACTS); as Training Director of BSM; and General Secretary of the ADI – National Joint Council (ADI-NJC); the Driving Instructors Association (DIA Int).; and the Motor Schools Association of GB (MSA). Still not retired, Professor RUSSELL, lives at 32B Thorold Road, Bitterne Park, SOUTHAMPTON SO18 1JB; Tel 02380 582480; and 07725 842348; he works regularly for the NHS and DIABETES UK on Research and Complaints projects. He is a regular broadcaster, speaker and writer on Health & Road Safety challenges. Date of Publication 1st June 2016
The ANNUAL PRESIDENTIAL LECTURE GIVEN TO Members of the International Institute of DRIVER EDUCATION RESEARCH: Summer Semester 2016; by President Professor Peter RUSSELL of Bitterne Park, SOUTHAMPTON SO18 1JB (Tel 02380 582480) Dated: 1st : June 2016
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I can\u2019t thank Sam enough for her patience and understanding and her amazing ability to teach me and finally get me through my test. Highly recommend and I love driving \ud83d\ude0a","open_graph_story":{"id":"10158246689050407"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2973740009318069","name":"Jordan Parry","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2973740009318069&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeSMr7cwyH_ZgzOO","width":120}}},"created_time":"2020-01-14T16:12:26+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"5 years I began my first lessons with Jackie Bradley, and due to my own impatience with my theory I lost all confidence. Last year in November finally I motivated myself to pass my theory and I did just that. I didn\u2019t even have to hesitate on who I wanted to teach me, I took up my lessons with Jackie and I was so reassure mentally and it was like I never left, Jackie really has taught me the best, not only that she really drills it into me, and is full of confidence. Jackie for me is a perfect instructor and someone who is able to teach at all levels. I have my test approaching and not only is this for my benefit but I really hope I get a first time pass for myself and Jackie because it is the least she deserves with all her amazing lessons!","open_graph_story":{"id":"2401778510084412"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2647636862020020","name":"Jennifer Sutcliffe","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2647636862020020&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeTFjzMg9EAlancc","width":120}}},"created_time":"2020-01-09T21:42:14+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Recommend Insight 2 Drive for ADI part 3 Test.\n\nJust want to say a massive thank you to Kathy Higgins (Insight 2 Drive) for helping me pass my part 3 on first attempt and qualify as a driving instructor.\n\nI went to Kathy after she was recommended to me after starting to lose my confidence. On my first training session I did about 3 left turns and she pulled me over, said Jen I know your problem. We discussed it and then carried on the session with my new technique in place. It made all the difference.\n\nEvery training session I had with Kathy was a light bulb moment. I left every session feeling I got something out of it. she taught me loads of golden nuggets which I use with my pupils every day. Her knowledge and understanding is second to none. \n\nOn my first observed lesson she watched of me teaching a pupil she did a mind map of the lesson for me to reflect on, it was mind blowing the way she did it, and helped me to see what went well and what I could improve on. Every training session she observed my lessons she marked me as a mock test to see how I'd done. Her feedback was excellent, always highlighting my strengths but also showing me how I could improve my lessons. we would discuss before the pupil got it if I wanted her to butt in during a lesson or just sit back and observe and take notes. I always wanted Kathy to butt in if need be because I didnt want to miss that next golden nugget.\n\nKathy also allowed me to sit in and observe her fully qualified ADIs Leanne and Jackie, I would also like to say thanks to them for allowing me that opportunity and there support.\n\nInsight 2 Drive is an amazing training academy which I rate extremely highly. You wont be disappointed talking things through with Kathy, she an amazing lady and I'm so grateful that she was recommended to me.","open_graph_story":{"id":"10221244241680724"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2229118163855320","name":"Michelle Williams","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2229118163855320&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeQ4a-qOmdcoK1GK","width":120}}},"created_time":"2019-12-23T20:13:18+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"would highly recommened insight to drive i had my lessons with kev and he made me feel comfortable straight away! i dont think i could of done it without him brilliant instuctor thankyou very much 5* from me","open_graph_story":{"id":"1380799158758058"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"3218457794892220","name":"Gavin Hazeldine","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=3218457794892220&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeQYY2lkbaYgZjhr","width":120}}},"created_time":"2019-11-08T18:57:27+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"I would recommend Jackie as a driving instructor for anyone thinking of having driving lessons. Jackie really helped me she was supportive and helped build my confidence driving. It was really good being able to fit in extra lessons closer to my test and having lots of feedback. Thanks to her I was able to pass first time!","open_graph_story":{"id":"10159201167942516"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2325513260888108","name":"Nadia Newman","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2325513260888108&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeQ5trPRAbCMCakM","width":120}}},"created_time":"2019-09-17T19:33:57+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"I would really recommend Jackie as a driving instructor for anyone thinking of having driving lessons. It took me a while to start getting the hang of driving and Jackie really helped being a great teacher, supportive and building my confidence driving. It was really good being able to fit in extra lessons closer to my test and having lots of feedback. Thanks to her I was able to pass first time!","open_graph_story":{"id":"127863741915765"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2864986280196257","name":"Rachel Morse","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2864986280196257&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeQMRqSHKE0mTKNe","width":120}}},"created_time":"2019-09-15T12:37:23+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"I completed my part 2 and 3 training with Kathy. At the time I was actually with another driving school. I found Kathy very supportive and approachable, and thanks to her help and guidance I passed my part 2 first time.\n\nDuring my part 3 training I realised that I wanted to join Insight 2 Drive. I liked the idea of working with a team of other instructors, and the level of continued training and support that Kathy and the academy team could offer. Kathy, Leanne and Jackie were all really helpful and I thoroughly enjoyed my training sessions with them, as I learned something new each time. They were always there when I needed help, and I never felt alone. Thanks to the help and support I received from Kathy, Leanne and Jackie, I achieved my goal and passed my part 3 and I can\u2019t thank each of them enough. \n\nThe training doesn\u2019t stop there though, Kathy ensures that regular CPD course are available for all of the team, in order to help us develop and grow. For anyone looking to change career and train to become a driving instructor, I would highly recommend doing it with Kathy and the academy team at Insight 2 Drive. They will ensure they steer you towards success!","open_graph_story":{"id":"10157319090110664"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2264005400377924","name":"Derek Rodgers","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2264005400377924&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeRCPv9QFec8oPTY","width":121}}},"created_time":"2019-09-05T18:22:48+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"I chose Insight2Drive to support me through my ADI Training as I really appreciated the personal approach. I didn\u2019t feel like a number, but a person. They worked with me to ensure that I was a great instructor and as a by product of that, I passed my Part 3 (exactly how I do with my learners). I never felt under pressure to succeed, I was supported and that I could ask anyone of the trainers for help\/assistance at any point.\nThank you so much for all the support and I like that this hasn\u2019t stopped since I qualified.\nThis is why I am now part of the business, we\u2019re a team and I really enjoy that especially in a role that can be isolating at times.\nThanks again Derek Rodgers \ud83d\udc4d\ud83d\ude97\ud83d\udc4d","open_graph_story":{"id":"10162399474800341"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2615747278436690","name":"Laura Spark","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2615747278436690&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeSzudDVl_V5bl65","width":120}}},"created_time":"2019-07-20T11:09:25+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Had an excellent time being taught to drive by Colin - he really helped me with my confidence on the road and had loads of great tips! Thank you!","open_graph_story":{"id":"10162134528765602"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2576234615744623","name":"Kayleigh Smith","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2576234615744623&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeR6iBpgbK-hm8aB","width":120}}},"created_time":"2019-07-13T18:55:58+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"I am currently doing my lessons with Rachel. Rachel has helped me gained my confidence behind the wheel again and has helped me achieve a lot. Always gives me the confidence boost when I\u2019m nervous and always gives me great advice. Thank you for all your help Rachel, definitely a credit to insight2drive","open_graph_story":{"id":"1342918285874296"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2190498447670780","name":"Louise Croft","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2190498447670780&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeSOedlAg88I0SBn","width":120}}},"created_time":"2019-07-09T11:38:47+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Deborah Jordan was really friendly, My son loved his lessons with her, extremely calm and a caring instructor, excellent communication and reliable, Deborah was truly amazing and supported him during his test, thank you so much!!","open_graph_story":{"id":"10158789494892588"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2339068786159641","name":"Rebecca Johanson","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2339068786159641&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeREPp1Bz6e-BgPW","width":120}}},"created_time":"2019-06-18T10:57:37+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Started my lessons in April with Maria & have passed today 18th June 1st time. Maria was such a good instructor, taught me how she knew I learned best & gave me so much confidence. I honestly cant thank her enough. xx","open_graph_story":{"id":"10219677790159906"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2051949281598246","name":"Guy Shread","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2051949281598246&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeQyUZBBSPqfV8No","width":120}}},"created_time":"2019-05-25T16:24:55+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"I was recommended Colin through a friend. He was very patient with my constant asking of questions and I felt he had a genuine interest in helping me pass and become a confident driver. He really settled my nerves on my test day and thanks to this I passed first time!","open_graph_story":{"id":"10161519747515212"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2179074918847915","name":"Malaika Wong","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2179074918847915&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeTD7izmgtUkLC2x","width":120}}},"created_time":"2018-12-04T09:44:39+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"My 17 year old daughters confidence was knocked by a previous instructor. On her first lesson with Kerrie, she had big smiles. Thanks to Kerrie's teaching methods my daughter no longer hated driving and passed first time! Fabulous instructor and beautiful person. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I'm a happy and proud mum.","open_graph_story":{"id":"10216037063093489"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2539874149419119","name":"Karen Errity","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2539874149419119&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeQ92TlhclZn4jc1","width":120}}},"created_time":"2018-04-15T17:37:41+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Loved doing my ADI Training with insight2drive. Why? It was fun and hardwork at the same time. Since becoming a professional ADI, I enjoy being part of a team of like minded instructors whose aim is to teach safe competent driving for life and not just pass a test. Kathy and the training team continue to provide CPD (continuous professional development) to all the team so we keep our standards high, which makes us the best training academy in the region for learners to be the best they can.\n5 stars all the way guys \ufffd\ufffd\ufffd\ufffd\ufffd","open_graph_story":{"id":"824750121062318"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2546939802014469","name":"Ellie Ianson","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2546939802014469&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeQGmJwDTj8Bie6t","width":120}}},"created_time":"2017-11-30T18:47:41+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Leanne was recommended to me by a friend in work, after being let down by my previous driving instructor who couldn't fit lessons in for me around my work schedule. After failing my first driving test at Southport in the summer with my previous instructor, I had already rebooked my test in Norris Green for the beginning of November when i started my lessons with Leanne in September. We had a lot of work to do in a short space of time. Leanne went out of her way to make time for me and pushed me to do the best i can. She was always thorough in her lessons and helped calm my nerves as i was a really anxious driver. I passed first time using insight2drive and can not thank Leanne enough for helping me, would recommend her to anyone!","open_graph_story":{"id":"10156861099051679"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2175085072512828","name":"Samantha Cain","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2175085072512828&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeSr_HBl0RbgGpLj","width":120}}},"created_time":"2017-11-17T15:16:56+0000","rating":1,"recommendation_type":"negative","review_text":"One of their drivers Andy has robbed me off my money, cancelled on me every week with fake excuses and cancelled on my friend the next day with a complete other excuse so I asked for my money back (6 weeks in a row he cancelled), he then only partly gave me my money back (after waiting over 3 weeks for it) and kept the rest and is now ignoring all messages, I have contacted the company who are also blanking my messages. I\u2019m not one to complain usually especially as he was previously a good instructor but taking somebody\u2019s money and not repaying them back when you haven\u2019t provided a service is disgraceful. I don\u2019t see how you can expect someone to pass their test if you cancel most weeks. I have tried to sort this out with both Andy and Insight 2 Drive and both are now ignoring me so I will be taking this further","open_graph_story":{"id":"2021469131431533"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2175107879217682","name":"Danny Linacre","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2175107879217682&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeR98B5KSh_zUm0B","width":120}}},"created_time":"2017-07-23T18:53:04+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"When I first started with Leanne I hadnt drove on the road for about 4 years and had really bad habits from driving a forklift she was really patient and I felt really comfortable with her all have the lessons were enjoyable and she managed to get threw in under 3 months with a 1st time pass I couldn't recommend insight2drive highly enough and especially Leanne she was brilliant.","open_graph_story":{"id":"10154467512087493"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2159208130805198","name":"Pauline Harvey","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2159208130805198&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeTRu93bAzt8Hmr9","width":120}}},"created_time":"2017-07-06T15:19:25+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"I was recommended insight to drive by my friend Amanda who was also a driving instructor, I was buying a birthday package for my son, he was allocated Jerry Dowling as his instructor, I couldn't have asked for a better instructor he has helped Sam so much, and today he passed his test. Well done Sam and many thanks for all your help Jerry.","open_graph_story":{"id":"10211848515141233"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2420290741400268","name":"Jessica Claire","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2420290741400268&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeT9TWu-srSmc2gX","width":120}}},"created_time":"2015-03-16T15:06:24+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"I began my driving lessons with another school shortly after my 18th birthday and it was horrific. I had an instructor who was a family friend and did us a 'discount' for this relationship. It was the biggest waste of time and money that i had ever invested in and after almost 40 hours of driving around Liverpool whilst he was on his phone and other distracting things I stopped and restarted when I was 20.\n\nI started with Leanne and after one lesson she gave me her estimated number of lessons I would require in order to pass to which i was shocked as it was so low!!! Even though I had a few bad habits from the instructor before. I absolutely loved my driving lessons and am writing this review 4 hours after passing 1st time in the time frame which Leanne had said it would be. She is an amazing instructor who I beyond trust and will be recommending to any friends or family who tell me they are thinking of learning to drive. I had an absolute ball on my lessons and am now considering to do my pass plus in order to do more lessons with her as i enjoyed them so much!! Many Thanks Leanne!! Don't think I could have done it without you!!","open_graph_story":{"id":"10153194727739993"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2865281146822940","name":"Sean O'leary","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2865281146822940&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeRn4X2ty91rGtww","width":120}}},"created_time":"2014-10-25T18:59:23+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Passed my driving test first time with Stuart harrison adi would highly recommend Stuart to anyone who wants to learn to drive in a safe and confident way great instructor","open_graph_story":{"id":"10204703676569957"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2614329048640524","name":"Marie Boyd","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2614329048640524&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeSVpxH8IMIwfnzf","width":120}}},"created_time":"2014-08-14T10:46:47+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Just passed my driving test with Barbra porter! Couldn't of asked for a better instructor.. So happy! From Abbie :) x","open_graph_story":{"id":"10152606369605731"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2128488653880758","name":"Lana McLean","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2128488653880758&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeTPpbTEIN-PKm6p","width":120}}},"created_time":"2014-07-14T22:12:21+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","open_graph_story":{"id":"666578886768509"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2030496017019267","name":"Joan An Vinny Bingham","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2030496017019267&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeTnzkYe_Tdt1ctk","width":120}}},"created_time":"2014-06-22T23:48:17+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","open_graph_story":{"id":"10152478749800428"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2682511161759844","name":"Connor Ledgerton","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2682511161759844&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeRF94jl6tzEhU6u","width":120}}},"created_time":"2014-05-08T18:39:44+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","open_graph_story":{"id":"10203485170277135"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2056518224401258","name":"Dot Riley","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2056518224401258&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeQaVpaneoK7eakG","width":120}}},"created_time":"2013-12-19T23:04:27+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","open_graph_story":{"id":"798201806872918"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2044055079046511","name":"Sabrina Lai","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2044055079046511&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeRhCaK4yc-Hr5Js","width":120}}},"created_time":"2013-12-17T00:54:32+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","open_graph_story":{"id":"10152165807074258"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2313482218685415","name":"L\u012bga Lo\u010dmele","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2313482218685415&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeQtqJgTmunU6G3q","width":120}}},"created_time":"2013-12-15T23:21:15+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","open_graph_story":{"id":"734123036617417"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"1936832453113213","name":"Iain Scarlett","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=1936832453113213&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeQmpXDz91XTsX1V","width":120}}},"created_time":"2013-12-14T23:10:44+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","open_graph_story":{"id":"10202424749958067"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2267238996633513","name":"Susan Bunnell","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2267238996633513&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeRuPqkNl-8Wkfd3","width":120}}},"created_time":"2013-12-12T14:52:07+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","open_graph_story":{"id":"10201234149676314"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2040149166020385","name":"Dave Stone","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2040149166020385&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeSM6eRhWNuq0HEt","width":120}}},"created_time":"2013-12-09T07:59:22+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","open_graph_story":{"id":"10153564825490364"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2495582560483037","name":"Guy Annan","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2495582560483037&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeS79_UhtcUExQBw","width":120}}},"created_time":"2013-11-27T06:35:39+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","open_graph_story":{"id":"556554171095281"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2345331122157168","name":"Wyn Owen","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2345331122157168&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeSsrajfY-svY0_y","width":120}}},"created_time":"2013-11-19T14:21:53+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","open_graph_story":{"id":"575955939144450"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2014124198643503","name":"Christine Brennan","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2014124198643503&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeShP5Ax52M0d6DJ","width":120}}},"created_time":"2013-11-03T22:40:46+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","open_graph_story":{"id":"10151981688248491"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2033588153357288","name":"Colin Dickinson","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2033588153357288&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeQmvE7IdyYD5iaS","width":120}}},"created_time":"2013-11-02T09:59:54+0000","rating":4,"recommendation_type":"positive","open_graph_story":{"id":"10201606149347387"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"1870757406368096","name":"Henry Hipps","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=1870757406368096&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeQ6V15OB562ZSJD","width":120}}},"created_time":"2013-10-30T22:38:20+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","open_graph_story":{"id":"10152302331997656"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2313799391977479","name":"Andy Guile","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2313799391977479&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeTAnEcZDnJ7DKNL","width":121}}},"created_time":"2013-10-10T13:54:03+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","open_graph_story":{"id":"10201027112694911"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2053391161422339","name":"Ged Wilmot","picture":{"data":{"height":120,"is_silhouette":false,"url":"https:\/\/platform-lookaside.fbsbx.com\/platform\/profilepic\/?psid=2053391161422339&height=120&width=120&ext=1585718949&hash=AeRar--2pFBNYLiY","width":120}}},"created_time":"2013-10-08T20:46:30+0000","rating":5,"recommendation_type":"positive","open_graph_story":{"id":"10151608685437391"}},{"reviewer":{"id":"2259871494025752","name":"Tony 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UK motorists call for driving tests to include eye exams

A recent survey indicates that a vast majority of car owners across the United Kingdom believe eye tests should be a compulsory part of the nation’s driving tests.

The statistics gathered by

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Chester roads to shut for resurfacing this spring

Roads throughout Chester and Ellesmere Port are set to suffer closures for resurfacing. Work is

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New changes set for UK MOT testing

This year has seen a range of new legislation regarding driving, with many laws coming into effect as of January 2020. Among them are changes

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