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Business Drivers

Business Drivers

Driving for Better Business.

Get one step ahead of your competitors by enhancing your duty of care to your employees who drive for work. Everyone notices bad driving so let us help you and your employed drivers learn the ‘ABC’ of good driving, Attitude, Behaviour and Choice. Bad driving is more to do with the drivers ‘mind’ than knowing the rules or vehicle control. This is why traditional driver training sometimes does not change behaviour. This is why we only use modern coaching methods to challenge your drivers rather than simply telling them how to drive!

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You may also be aware that the law has changed in relation to health and safety, and how you can be personally responsible for any incidents in your company.

Whether it is your receptionist nipping to the post office in their own car, or a sales rep working long hours and driving 100s of miles per day; any incidents could land you in very hot water, if you do not have all the appropriate paperwork and training logs in place.

Today’s business owners and managers need to show a duty of care, demonstrating you provide excellent opportunities for improved driver training.

Road Safety Statistics 2012*.
1,754 people killed.
23,039 people seriously injured.
170,723 people injured.

However, it’s not all negative:

Many employers who have put some fleet driver training in place have seen their fuel bills decreased by up to 30%. Speeding and parking fines become minimal and employees less stressed while driving for work – leading to greater productivity.

To see how fleet driver training can benefit your organisation contact us now.

As Henry Ford once said “Business only contributes fully to society if it is efficient, profitable and socially responsible”. Do this for your business by offering driving assessments and if necessary some form of client centred driver training or workshops.

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*Terms and Conditions for the free consultation.
  1. Subject to availability.
  2. Areas covered are currently Merseyside, Cheshire, Lancashire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Belfast, Dublin IOM and North Wales.
  3. It can be done at the Insight 2 Drive office or your office.
Remember the public notice bad driving,
but you will notice the savings of good driving!


Wow on a Wednesday... Another driving test pass for Jackie, Well done Jack, keep the skills and always enjoy...

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