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Advanced Driver Training Prices

Prices for Advanced Driver Training.

Please choose from the following packages:

 2-hour driving assessment.

This will help you decide which advanced driving test if any you want to take, it is also used just to help you work on any areas of your driving you want to enhance or refresh your driving skills.
The pack includes:
  • 2 hour driving assessment.
  • Full debrief of lessons.
  • Full written report.
  • £70.00

Advanced Driver Training courses.

These packs include:

  • 6 hours driver training to be taken at  a time to suit you.
  • Full debrief.
  • Full written reports.
  • £180.00

Advanced Driving Mock Test.

Take a mock test for any of the advanced driving tests.  Kathy is an examiner for the DIAmond test and the RoSPA RoadTest.

  • 2 hours advanced mock driving test.
  • Full debrief.
  • Full written report.
  • £80.00
Our Liverpool driving school has many stories of success, but if you need some where closer to where you live we have a Runcorn driving school, St Helens driving school, Wigan driving school and many others. Just look for a location near you and become one of our success stories.  

Don’t take our word for it! Here are some of the comments our past

advanced drivers have made.


Dave Wilcox  – RoSPA Advanced Driver Training.

Danny was great to work with and when I text him my result, he said he’s looking forward to taking me for lessons again in 3 years time!!

Hopefully I can improve further and will be calling you again.  Thanks for all your help.



Fred Taylor – RoSPA Advanced Driver Training.

Hi Kathy, Thanks again for the driver training and advanced driving test it was an enjoyable day ish, I hate tests! Regards. Fred Taylor ________________________________________________________________________________________

Dave Wilcox  – RoSPA Advanced Driver Training.

Hi Kathy. Just 2 say I got Silver in my advanced driving test. Thanks 4 all ur help. Hi Kathy. Both u and Simon were a great help. Thanks again. Dave Wilcox. ________________________________________________________________________________________

Miss T, Liverpool –  Confidence building in driving in unknown areas.

Kathy THANK YOU! Today was great, a real break thru. I’m sincerely grateful 2u. Speak soon x ________________________________________________________________________________________

Ann McLennan, Southport  – Motorway Confidence.

It must be about 12 months ago that I contacted you re a refresher/confidence building course for motorway driving. I cannot thank you enough for your time and patience that day as it has given me the confidence to just get in the car and go! I now think nothing of driving to my daughter’s in Derby or dashing up the M6 to Glasgow to see my gorgeous grandson – all without having to be dependent on anyone else. I never thought I would be able to do it! A big thank you once again. All best wishes, Ann McLennan ________________________________________________________________________________________

National Driver Improvement Course Trish from Croxteth.

Hi Kathy, its Trish (the quivering starring wreck with the purple neck from last week’s driving course!) Just wanted to say thank you again for your help, support and patience, and to let you know I am picking up my new car tomorrow! I have been boring everyone to death with tales of tyre grommets and bob and tom! It was so much nicer and more educational than any of us expected it to be. Anyway thanks again Kathy. It was really nice meeting you. Trish ________________________________________________________________________________________

RoSPA Driving Test Examiner Dave Corbett ADI RoSPA.

Congratulations on your driving school, Kathy. You certainly have worked hard to achieve all your qualifications and experience. I wish you every success with your developing career. ________________________________________________________________________________________

Advanced driving is a combination of discipline and fun or fun and discipline!


We’re all advanced drivers!

We have all passed our advanced driving tests with the help of Kathy and the Insight 2 Drive Training Team!

  1. Dave Wilcox – RoSPA Silver (re-test).
  2. Fred Taylor – RoSPA Silver (private ambulance).
  3. Rob Law – RoSPA Silver (van).
  4. Dave Hindley – RoSPA Silver (van).
  5. Pete Feilding ADI – RoSPA Gold.
  6. Ken Houghton – RoSPA Silver (minibus).
  7. John Rawcliffe – RoSPA Silver (minibus).
  8. Emma Waldron – DIAmond Advanced.
  9. Billy Kyle – RoSPA Gold.
  10. Sara Campbell ADI – DIAmond Special.
  11. Paul Higham – IAM Advanced.
  12. David Wright ADI – DIAmond Advanced.
  13. Paul Higham – RoSPA Gold.
  14. Paul Higham ADI – DIAmond Special.
  15. Graham Bryne ADI – DIAmond Special.


Wow on a Wednesday... Another driving test pass for Jackie, Well done Jack, keep the skills and always enjoy...

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