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ADI Training Course

Driving Instructor ADI Training Course.

ADI-Training-MaleWhy would you choose us for your ADI Training?

We strive to offer the best possible driving instructor training.  The driving instructor training is overseen by Kathy Higgins; one of the countries’ most respected and qualified driving instructor trainers and an award winning business woman.  However, Kathy is still very much down to earth and still has her feet firmly on the ground.Here are some questions you should ask before embarking on a training course, why not compare our answers to other training schools:  
  • How long has the trainer been qualified and how long as an ADI trainer? Kathy Higgins qualified as an instructor in 2000 and started Instructor training as an ORDIT instructor trainer back in 2002.  Colin Chown qualified as an instructor in 2003 and as an ORDIT trainer in 2012.
  •  Do you pay for your instructor training up front? We like to be as flexible as possible, to make it easy for you to fund your training.  You can pay for the whole course or pay as you go, session by session.
  • Are you offered a refund, just in case you change your mind, or have to stop training? We offer all our trainees refunds in the event you have to stop training.  Check out our terms and conditions.
  •  Can you choose to pay as you go? Yes of course you can, or you can pay for each part as you pass them.
  • Will the training just focus on the part 3 pre-set driving instructor tests? No, we will cover all that is required for the part 3 test, however, our part 3 course is 44 hours long, this will allow us to teach you all the skills you need, including roundabout, bay parking and country roads to become a successful driving instructor.
  • What support is available once you pass? After you pass all your tests with us,  We will help you decide what franchise, if any to go with, you might want to join our team, but we do not force you to join us! We also help you find dual controls, driving instructor insurance, driving school car, and much more.
  • Is there an opportunity of joining the franchise once you pass? The simple answer is yes,  once you pass your driving instructor test we will always be there for you and offer you a franchise with us, if this is the best solution for you.
  • Are there any opportunities to continue to train and continue to develop as a business person and driving instructor? Yes, there are plenty of opportunities with us to continue to develop.

Check out our You Tube Episodes, which will answer all your questions.

So what exactly involved?

ADI Part One Training.

The part one of the driving instructors test is conducted on a self-study basis with a choice of computer based learning or workbooks and App.   Your Part one driving instructor training materials will include a specific selection of textbooks, the official driving instructor theory question bank and a CD to assist your preparation for the hazard perception element of the driving instructor test and mock tests. We do offer part one driving instructor training on a 1 to 1 basis at our office to help you pass your driving instructor test.You can download our free app and have a go at a part one ADI mock test now!However, your driving instructor theory study is not done in isolation, our training is integrated.  Whilst you are studying the driving instructor part one of the ADI test, we will conduct 8 hours of practical in-car training which will bring the driving instructor parts 2 and 3 to life.  This means that you are able to put into practice the theory of driving and start to eliminate any lazy habits you may have developed.Your driving instructor trainer will give you reports so that your practical progress can be recorded and developed. Your trainer will list specific goals for you to practice. This also means that there should be no delay between you passing the part one of the driving instructor test and applying for the part two test.

ADI Part Two Training.

This module is conducted in-car, on a 1 to 1 basis. The driving instructor trainer will cover all aspects of driving techniques and requirements so that you will easily pass your part two test.Driving instructor training is best done in the car you want to take your test in.  Your trainer’s car is always available for driving your training and if you need to hire the instructor’s car for the driving instructor test, this can be arranged, but at an additional cost.You can start your part two driving instructor training at any time; you do not have to have passed your part one driving instructor test first.  However, do not rush though theses stages, as your knowledge will be tested at the part 3 stage and of course by your future pupils!

ADI Part Three Training.

This module commences after you have passed Part Two.  It is conducted in your driving instructor trainer’s car and again on a 1 to 1 basis.  The Insight 2 Drive Course is 44 hours and all done 1 to 1 in car, we simply focus on you!The driving instructor trainer will prepare you to deliver real driving lessons to learner drivers as well as your part three driving instructor test. The driving instructor training will range from delivering a driving lesson to a complete novice, to a qualified driver who needs assistance in eliminating some lazy driving techniques.Your driving instructor trainer will teach you to become a driving instructor using our foundation to part 3 driving instructor course first, we will not just concentrate on the driving instructor pre-set tests, which do not reflect real teaching or prepare you to teach a real learner driver. Using our methods it will not matter what the driving examiner asks of you, you will be able to do it. 

We simply train you to become a great driving instructor and you will enjoy training with us too.

The area you want to do your training may vary so if you are outside our Liverpool driving school area you could be covered by one of our other areas like our Runcorn driving school or the St Helens driving school or maybe our Wigan driving school.


Wow on a Wednesday... Another driving test pass for Jackie, Well done Jack, keep the skills and always enjoy...

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