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ADI Standards Check Training


ADI Standards Check Training, Driving Instructor Development, Business Skills and Marketing Training.

Dont wait

Unfortunately, a lot of driving instructors will actually wait until they get their letter for the ADI standards check before contacting a trainer for driving instructor development training, or worse still, wait until they have been given an unsatisfactory mark!  Please do not let this happen to you; after all it is unlikely that you would let your learner drivers book their driving test until they have at least had some training.

In order to get training with a good ADI trainer, especially one who is on the ORDIT Register (The Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers) you will have to book early! Good driving instructor trainers are so sought after that they are booked up for many weeks and sometimes months in advance, so do not wait until you have received your invitation, book in early.

It takes time and practice to change our instruction style, habits or simply refresh ourselves, so taking some instructor development training a week before the actual Standards Check could be counter-productive.  Remember to do your refresher training well in advance, then practice, practice and perfect your instructional and interpersonal skills before the ‘big day’, then you can be really confident on the day.

Driving Instructor development training can be done in 3 different ways; all of which are useful.

The ADI trainer can use role play.

ADI check test training2.png

This is useful to develop and isolate areas of development for you however, you must remember that role play is no longer an option for the Standards Check.  The advantage of role play training is that the trainer and instructor can speak openly and frankly, while also repeating and correcting any mistakes.  The limitations on ‘role play’ is the feedback can only be given on what is seen on that day.  After all there are not many driving instructors who can deliver the same tuition during role play as they do when training real people.

The ADI trainer can observe you on a driving lesson or fleet training session.

Remember the Standards Check is the same assessment if you take a learner driver or a full licence holder to the test with you.  The benefit of this type of ADI training is the fantastic feedback you are going to get, as this will be about you being you.  Kathy Higgins our director once said “As an ADI trainer, it is easy to see the challenges and suggest areas for improvement from the rear seat of the driving school car.   Any ADI will benefit from constructive and honest feedback on their work”.

Once you have done the first ADI training session then an ADI development plan (if needed or wanted) can be planned and put into place.

You can observe a real driving lesson.

If you are part of a local franchise you should be able to do this for nothing!  Ask your fellow driving instructors if they mind you sitting in on a real driving lesson, after all your examiner will have seen 100s of driving lessons, you need to ask yourself, “how many have I seen? How many other trainers have seen me at work?”  Remember, passing the ADI part 3 is just the start.

After you have done this you should arrange to have a coffee together to discuss things, it is important to remember, that different instructors will have different training styles and that there can be 2 correct ways of doing something.  It is vital that the driving instructor in the rear seat plays no part in the driving lesson, as this could undermine the driving instructor in front of his/her customer.

Also, remember to give each other ‘positive’ feedback!  There must be a level of trust between instructors for this to work. You could also get your ADI trainer, from your franchised school, to join you both, they may be able to help with any questions or issues that come up in the discussion.

Don’t leave it too late, call us now and invest in ADI development training before you get your invitation to attend a Standards Check.

Where will the training take place?

If you want us to conduct role play for your ADI training then it is best for you to come to us, this way we can easily tailor the training routes, however, if you want us to sit in on a driving lesson or training session, then we will come to you.  If it is business or marketing skills you need, we can meet you at your office or ours.  We have plenty of free parking at our office.

Most of all, driving instructor training should be fun!

As well as our Liverpool Driving School for instructors we have also had great success in other areas like  our St Helens driving school or our Wigan driving school. The same is true of our runcorn driving school, so no matter where you are you are assured of success with Insight 2 Drive.



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