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About Insight 2 Drive

About Us

We know how difficult it might be to find a really good driving instructor, one that is both friendly and professional.  After all you will be spending quite a few hours on your own in a car,  with someone you have never met before,  possibly driving in remote and quiet places.  You will also want excellent value for money, which as you know, is not the same thing as cheap driving lessons!

We are sure you will know that there have been many people caught out by cheap driving lesson prices, only to find in the long run they have paid more than they should have, or have booked a block booking and felt they have had to stay with a driving instructor, they simply do not like or feel comfortable with.

This is why Kathy Higgins, an award winning driving instructor and business woman, founded Insight 2 Drive in 2007.  She has hand-picked and trained the Insight Team of instructors herself, admittedly she has made some mistakes in the past, but as you can imagine, instead of dwelling on the past, she has simply learned from the experience and improved the driving school even more.

At Insight 2 Drive, you will have the backing of an entire team of driving instructors, all local to you and who work together in order to ensure you get a first time pass.  You will also have our admin team and director  to support you.  So you will always have someone to talk to, if you feel we are not getting it right.  Kathy and the whole team, take your success very seriously.

Too many people end up taking driving lessons they simply do not need, or worse still try to get through the driving test, without taking enough!  Kathy said “Over the last 10 years the driving test has changed dramatically, there is much more to do and the standard of driving is so much higher than when I took my driving test”

This is why we use our unique individual lesson plan, so that you know exactly where you are up to, how much you still have to do and your overall progress to your first time driving test pass , check out who has passed already.

Not knowing how many lessons you need or what you have to learn in order to pass the driving test first time, can be very frustrating and expensive.  A simple maths lesson can show you the value in paying for really good tuition.  So 40 driving lessons, priced at £10 per hour is the same as 20 driving lessons priced at £20 per hour, however with 20 hours of your valuable time saved!

Insight 2 Drive, also have a written ‘Learners Charter’ and always promise that you will not have to take driving lessons you do not need, if fact we are so proud of what we do well, we have launched our Premium Flat Rate package, which gives you unlimited driving lessons for just the one price!  We also make our small print very clear for all our offers and competitions.

Kathy and Team Insight have also won 6 awards so far and have been nominated many times over, she and the team also regularly give up their time free of charge to talk to schools and youth clubs about the challenges young drivers face.

We understand you want to pass your driving test first time, and we have so far had nearly 600 driving test passes and only use local instructors to you, so that they know the area well, which in turn will save time planning training routes, etc.

Many of the Insight instructors are also trained to deliver the Engage Programme, which is supported by Merseyside Police, in order to teach you the skills for life you need to stay safe on the road.  Once you have passed your driving test with Insight 2 Drive, we don’t just move on and leave you to it, we are always here for you, to help, guide and keep you updated.

During your time with us you will have access to many free resources which will help you pass both your theory and practical tests.  We also include in your lessons real driving skills, such as, how to use a satellite navigation system and route planning, in fact we often use our Pass Plus courses to drive to your university and back (distance allowing of course).

So what are you waiting for?  Contact us now and we will do our best to fit you in for your first driving lesson as soon as possible, if we are fully booked, which often is the case, we will put you on our waiting list. Be sure to check out our Facebook competitions too.

 The sure way to miss success is to miss the opportunity!

A Brief History of Insight 2 Drive.

And some nice things others have had to say about us!

A Brief History of Insight 2 Drive

It started with a transit van!

Insight 2 Drive was founded by Kathy Higgins Dip DI in 2007 with the support of her husband Brian, her daughter Emily and her amazing sister Joan Bingham. Kathy has been involved with driver training since 1995.

After leaving school at 16, Kathy started work in a local market selling cheese, she then had a series of office jobs working with Kelly Temporary Services.  She eventually settled down working for a veterinary pharmaceutical company; firstly in the office and then out on the road, selling the products to veterinary surgeons and farm suppliers.  Kathy often travelled up to 300 miles a day covering the North West, North Wales and the Midlands. After many a near miss her father suggested she took some advanced driver training.  She passed the IAM advanced test in 1995 in a white transit van and she simply got the bug for driving well and helping others to do so too.

She started training to become a driving instructor and eventually took her first learner driver out in 1999.  It was at this point she realised she wanted to be one of the best driving instructors in the country.  She started training to be a driving instructor trainer in 2002 and entered the ORDIT register (Official Register of Driving Instructor Training) in the same year.

In 2004 she was head hunted by a driver training establishment in Liverpool. Being closer to home she took up the position, however it was to be short lived and due to a breakdown in communication between the directors of the company,  the company ceased trading in 2006.

She had set her heart on running a driving school and helping other driving instructors reach their full potential.  So, Kathy then made the decision to run a driving school herself.

In 2007 Insight 2 Drive was launched and is growing from strength to strength, one driving instructor at a time.  Kathy hand picks all the driving instructors and has trained most of them from scratch, she also continues to work closely with the Insight team and on a one to one basis with the instructors to help them both with their training and business.

Joan Bingham does most of the background office work and looks after the driving lesson bookings and often keeps Kathy in check!

Read some more on our Launch Party Page...

The Girls’ Guide to Losing Your L Plates.

Dear Kathy,
Many thanks for your invaluable advice when I was writing “The Girls’ Guide to Losing Your L Plates: How to pass your driving test” published by Simon and Schuster.  It was so useful to have your detailed feedback – here’s hoping the book goes on to help many girls (and boys) pass their driving test with flying colours and go on to be safe and confident drivers!  Information on Girls’ Guide.

Maria McCarthy.


Hi Kathy,
Just having a browse on the Internet at driving schools and had a look at yours. CONGRATULATIONS! IT’S AMAZING!  I just wanted to say that you have a very impressive site and if I was learning to drive I would want to learn to drive with you.  I know that you probably know already but I just wanted to say WELL DONE!  In a few short years you have made astounding achievements and you deserve lots of credit for your hard work and the consistent effort that you place in developing yourself.  I admire you greatly and it is an honour to know you.

A few years ago you sent a text out asking what people think of you in one word.  I replied with DRIVEN!  My word was I right!! I hope 2010 is even more prosperous than ever for you and your driver training company.
Dot Riley – Passing Places Driving School.

Ode to Kathy

The first time you met me was a test that I blew Though I’d seen you before I’d not spoken to you I decided to try again, to succeed An instructor to help, it’s you that I’d need

We began having lessons on Saturday mornings You had to put up with my so many groanings You taught me to a standard that was definitely high But at the end of my test I still had a cry

Most of the time we met in a car park Though none of my lessons were done in the dark It’s prob’ly a good job cos I was already scared As an instructor I could tell you definitely cared

You tried to make me a more confident driver It didn’t work very well but I’m still not a skiver You tried to change my driving mindset Using Anchor and Swish so that I wouldn’t fret

Manoeuvres I hated, they needed much practice That’s what you’re there for, you helped me to crack this I conquered reversing and parallel parking Look out the back window! It says in the marking

When I first came to you I had a Laguna At Easter I was changing but then did it sooner I got a Mondeo and really love this car You said you could tell cos I drove better by far

Nearing test 2 we practised THE stop ABS it kicked in and my heart gave a hop Scared rabbit you called me, froze in the headlights I stopped to recover, I’d had such a fright

I’ve written this poem to say thank you to you I can tell from your teaching you love what you do Unflappable Kathy you’re really the best You helped me to pass my advanced DIAmond test

Loads of Love Emma Waldron xxxxx

The Future – who knows?
If you want to see into the future you have to invent it yourself!



Wow on a Wednesday... Another driving test pass for Jackie, Well done Jack, keep the skills and always enjoy...

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